Friday, 29 July 2011

Month's Most Wanted

Hello everyone!
I feel like I must say this every single Month, but how quickly is this year going? Pretty scary to be honest. My most wanted items are probably a bit boring this Month... having low £££ really does stop me from window (online) shopping which is usually how I pass a lot of my time!

H&M Flared Skirt Dress: Every high street shop seems to be making copies of the infamous dress that Frankie Sandford wore and I have to say I actually think this one is my favourite! As well as being the cheapest one I've come across (please correct me if I'm wrong!). I adore everything in the A/W H&M Collection when I went through the catalogue, but this was one of the stand-out pieces for me. It also comes in a beautiful orange/rust colour and black... it'll be hard to resist buying those too!

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter: I love The Body Shop body butters and I'm running low at the moment, just my peach one left. Shock horror I know! Although in my opinion they are massively over priced, I just can't resist and something about them is so luxurious. Shouldn't be a problem though because The Body Shop always have some fantastic deals and offers going on! This is the next one I need to restock, possibly my fave.
[£12.50 for 200ml]

MAC Melba Powder Blush: This seems like the most perfect peach blush, I've lusted over swatches and the blush from afar for ages now, but I need this in my life ASAP. Even the price cannot deter me, the colour is just perfect. If anyone knows of a dupe I would love you forever!

St Moriz Self Tanning Lotion: St Moriz is a cult product throughout the Blogging and Youtube community, and pretty much everyone and their nan has tried it out. Like most, I've tried the mousse and really liked it but they've just recently released a 'lotion' which I think I would prefer and need to try! It's currently on sale on Fragrance Direct so grab yourself even more of a bargain!
[Usually £4.99, £2.99 currently]

MAC Hue Lipstick: I have no idea how I've never owned this lipstick, again, another product I've lusted over for a while. I think it is one of the must-have items from MAC and it pretty much universally loved. I'm a lover of nude/pinks so could anything else be better suited?

So that's another Month done and dusted! Have you tried any of these products? Let me know what you thought!


  1. I have ordered that H & M dress, its so lovely x

  2. I love Hue lipstick, you definitely need to get it :) and that dress is gorgeous. I am exactly the same, I cannot stop online shopping even if I have very low funds. Love your blog :)xxx

  3. That H&M dress is lovely - if they have it in my local, I might just have to grab it!

  4. Love. Love. LOVE. that dress!

  5. @Charlotte - I tried it on yesterday and I can confirm it's just as beautiful IRL!

    @Phoebe - I shall now blame you when I spend in MAC ;) haha! Thank you, that's really lovely <3

    @Rachel - You shouldd, it's gorgeous!

    @Chelle - I need it in my life!


  6. Pretty dress!
    Funny I just did a post on Hue as my product of the month! I love love love it!


  7. Hue lipstick is my most worn Mac lipstick, is gorgeous as I am quite pale and have pretty pigmented lips. I also really like Mac Shy Girl its a bit more peachy than pink. :-)

  8. I want hue aswell! I've just bought lovelorn and so far it's my favourite lipstick I've ever had : )

    Have you seen the topshop version of the frankie sandford dress? I want to try it but like all the others will probs be a bit too short


  9. i also want mac hue, it looks gorgeous ♥

  10. @Rachel - Just checked it out and now I want it even more :(

    @Claire - Aah my lips are super pigmented too, I think I need it in my life, right?

    @Eloise - I love lovelorn as well! Beautiful formula! Yeaah, I think this one is actually nicer though and the H&M one was quite long on me (but I am tiny) so maybe this would be a better option?

    @Hurricanes12 - It's the must-have MAC lipstick isn't it?!?!


  11. I'm giving away Mac Hue Lipstick! :) I'd love for you to enter!


  12. Melba and Hue are top of my MAC wishlist at the mo. no idea how I don't own Hue it looks so pretty xx


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