Monday, 25 July 2011

Week in Photo's

1,2: Been really into smoothies for breakfast lately, I just chuck in the fruit with a bit of milk... I switched to using soya milk to avoid 'empty calories' but how pretty do smoothies look?! Lol!
3: Dean and I had a bit of a fajitas night on Friday. I adore Mexican food, especially fajitas. It's such an easy dish to make and I love that you can chuck it in the middle of the table (or tray in our case) and everyone just helps their selves.
4: This is probably mine and my Dad's favourite dish... pasta with baked Camembert and spinach. It's honestly so yummy! I could eat pasta everyday without fail and not get bored!
5: It was my first day working for Next on Saturday! A 9am-6pm shift that knackered me. I'm now till trained and ready to go. The store that I'm going to be working in is still actually being built (going to be the 3rd largest in the country!) so I'm in a different store temporarily. Everyone is lovely and I'm so happy to be working for Next.
6: Obviously the very sad news on Saturday of Amy Winehouse's passing. My Dad has always been a massive fan or her music as well as her... and I have always liked her music. I think it's so tragic that no one could help her fight her demons and I don't agree with people who say she had it coming - until you experience addiction first hand I don't think you can ever really understand. Listening to her music now is so bittersweet, a great talent has been lost but her music and lyrics will remain.

What was the highlight of your week?


  1. Mmmmmm, them food photos are making me hungry! Very sad news about Amy Winehouse xxx

  2. All of this food looks amazing - make me want to cook something tasty today!

  3. Fajitas always remind me of Ross from Friends - "I'm making fajitas!!" My fave episode. Hehe :D Lovely photos and I totally agree about Amy. Some people are just so heartless. xoxox

  4. Never tried making my own smoothie@s but yours look so yummy! x

  5. Love fajitas! And the mister is always making his own smoothies!

  6. I love a smoothie in the morning! Always makes me feel more virtuous as well!

    Though all the chocolate later cancels that out...

  7. @Amy - Lol, sorry about that ;)

    @Rachel - Haha!

    @Kate Louise - YES! I loooove that ep.

    @Tasha - It's really easy, you defs should give it a go :)

    @Princesselft - My bf doesn't even know what a smoothie maker looks like ;) haha

    @Rachel - Chocolate is good for the heart though... right?!


  8. Your Next staff pass just caught my eye after drooling over that smoothie as I work there too, those long shifts are deathly aren't they! X


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