Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Hello lovelies,
Nope it's not me that's wasted, it's my cat! No not really, but she is definitely enjoying some catnip right about now. I was really sceptical about catnip at first and thought it must actually do some kind of damage - a google search later and I felt content lol. Peanut absolutely loves it, she loves rubbing her face on it and sticking her legs in the air. I really could not resist showing these photo's, they make me go gooey inside!

It's the cutest thing watching her! What cute things do your animals do?


  1. Can I have your cat please, she makes my heart gooey too! My puddycats are the same, it's so funny to watch! xx

  2. Awww, so adorable! :D
    Catnip doesn't effect my cat, but he does take great pleasure in waking me up every morning before it's even light by licking me so I get up and feed him. I'll get up though, anything to avoid that rough cat tongue!

  3. Aww so cute, haha! I love watching my pets <3 x

  4. @Jenny - She is pretty cute isn't she, haha! Catnip ftw

    @Holly - She really does look wasted doesn't she?!

    @Gemx - Aww I wonder why it doesn't affect them, haha aww that's sweet!

    @Christina Marie - They're literally part of the family aren't they <3



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