Saturday, 25 September 2010

Day 19 - A talent of yours

Hello ladies (and gents),
okay... so, a talent of mine? well, when god was handing out beautiful singing voices, sleek dance moves and child prodigies, he left me out. i'm not really outstandingly talented in any kind of area - i suppose i'm quite academic, i got good GCSE results, which slipped a wee bit when i started a levels. i like to think i'm quite talented at writing... i love creative writing and actually got an a* on my creative writing coursework oooh yeah ;)

but the talent i choose is being able to calm people down, yeah odd 'talent' i know. and to be honest, i don't know how i do it! i can always seem to put people at ease and calm them down when they're stressed or angry. especially with a friend on mine in psychology class - she gets extremely stressed out, lol. so yup that's one of my odd little talents :) as well as always keeping calm and happy myself!

Keep calm ;)

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  1. What a great talent to have..that makes you great to be around as your sooo calming..can you pop round my house!!!lol xxx


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