Monday, 6 September 2010

Day 14 - A non-fictional book

Morning :)
So I'm not gonna lie - I only really read trashy, commercial, chic-lit and I've never really read a non-fictional book. However there's one that I would love to read, and think I will purchase...

And that's Anne Frank's diary. I think it would be super interesting to read, distressing but also inspirational. I'm fascinated with WW2 and what creates evil in people, but also the strength and will that survivors or non survivors had.

Has anyone read her diary? Do you recommend?


  1. I love Anne Frank's diary. I read it several times and it still gets me everytime.

  2. I read trash too. I would love to get a good book and read it but for some reason it just doesn't appeal to me x

  3. I love Anne Frank's Diary. It was my favourite book when I was little, and I still have the yucky, dog-eared copy that I did over 10 years ago. Definitely a recommended read! :)

  4. I read it for school but it's still worth reading :)


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