Wednesday, 1 September 2010

School supplies!

Hola chicas,
Yesterday I headed off to WH Smiths in a pursuit to pick up some essentials for the next (very busy) year at college. I didn't get too much as I usually stock up on things that I never, ever need or use. I already have a bunch of the frosty lever arch files to use, with an endless stock of A4 plastic wallets.

One thing I was in desperate need of was a new pencil case. I'm very fussy when it comes to pencil cases, that's probably very strange but eh, oh well. I don't like them to be too childish, but not too... boring? I don't like flat ones, and I don't like ones that have different kind of pouches. Tins are far too small. See my problem? But then... this one was staring at me, and I had to get it.

Yup! A gorgeous spangley champagne/gold box shape pencil case. Perfect. A bit of bling that I can bring into the classroom ;) It's also available in black. Just because it's pretty and glittery I think some more photo's are needed to bring out the true sparkle!

I'm someone who loves to annotate my notes and highlight important bits and pieces. I also like my pages to look bright and colourful... I think it helps when it comes to revising. Look at these beauts...

Double ended highlighters in a variety of bright colours. They came in this pack of 6 and one side is your usual highlighter nib and on the other is a fine felt tip end, perfect for writing reminder notes!

You've probably noticed that I like to make studying and learning as fun as I can by finding anything bright and cute, and this definitely fits the bill...

A watermelon pen! Oh god am I one for a gimmick... that dented grip part is actually scented. Yes of watermelon! It's making the pencil case smell b-e-a-utiful. I don't know if they have any other scents or designs, this is the only one I saw, but I might pop back tomorrow!

Sparkle Pencil Case |£4.99|
Pack of 6 highlighters |£2,99|
Scented watermelon pen |£2.49|
So I don't know if you can tell, but I get very excited about stationary! Lol.Surely I'm not the only one? I came back from my spree and started showing the boyf my back-to-school goodies instead of pulling out the new bits and pieces of clothing. He thought I was mad...

Have you been to get your essentials yet? Not long left!


  1. I love shopping for school supplies haha 8-) check out my blog, I have done a 'What's in my school bag' post that you might be interested in LOL :) ♥ x

  2. ohh shopping for stationary and supplies is fun! pretty sparkly pencil case !
    i'm a highlighting lover too ♥

  3. i'm also very fussy with pencil cases!
    i went shopping yesterday for college supplies and i couldn't find one i liked :( i'll have to pop down to whsmith this weekend though :) x

  4. I'm exactly the same! I love pretty patterned notebooks and stocking up a million and one different types of pen.
    May have to purchase the double ended highlighters for myself :) Brighten up those lecture notes. xx

  5. I ♥ shopping for school stuff too! I love having nice pens I think it makes work less boring!! Where did you get the highlighters from? xx

  6. I found some great back to school deals for school supplies. I'm pretty much done looking school supplies with the deals i found at

  7. @Kirsty - ahh i will go look :)

    @Tennille - lol, im glad im not the only one!

    @Jodie - yeah definitely check out WH Smith, although I did find this one hidden on a bottom shelf so root around ;) lol

    @Aims - i love notebooks! i have tonnes lying around, doing nothing!!

    @Princess Juicy - i bought everything from WH Smiths, so if youre in the states they won't be available but im sure there's a bunch of things like it, im pretty sure Sharpie do a similar thing


    Highlighters makes my notes look fun! ^.^

  9. These are some awesome school supplies! It has been so hard to find discount school supplies lately.


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