Thursday, 9 September 2010

Day 15: A fanfic

So... I had to google this to understand what it was, as I've never heard of it before - and to be honest, it doesn't really float my boat. I don't think I would enjoy writing one, nor do I think I would be very good at it. So instead? I'll show you a recent purchase!

So for a while i've really wanted a Filofax organiser... i like the idea that you only need to get a new insert at the end of every year, rather for trying to find a new one and none being how you'd like it to be. Filofax overcome this problem as there are literally so many of them, in a variety of colours/sizes etc.

There are some that go above the £60 mark, and of course i couldn't and wouldn't part with that amount of cash for essentially... a diary. The one that i got had actually been reduced from £22 to £11 which was greaaaat. They're on offer at the moment in WH Smith if you want to get your hands on one and I'd really recommend one.

Welcome to my new life-sorter-out-er...

At the front of mine it came with 'personal information', but i changed it to my college timetable so it's easy for me to see for the first few days/weeks. On the inside of the cover it has some little slots where you could put business cards - i put my appointment cards in them. It also has a sleeve type thing where I keep my driving lesson appointment card :)

Also comes with all that random crap you don't need, but i feel good knowing that it's there ;) lol!

Sorry if i bored you with this... well, boring subject, but i was a tad excited and think everyone needs one in their life!


  1. Hey! Love ur blog! Now following u. Hope yahavin a good week xx

  2. Thank you honey, that's really sweet of you, im glad you enjoy :D xoxo

  3. i love my filofax! i have the red personl finsbury. my dad got me it 2 years ago :)


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