Thursday, 16 September 2010


Hey loves,
When i go to college i like to stay quite casual and comfy, which is why i normally avoid outfits of the day, because they'd just be so boring! But, i thought i'd just give it a whirl and do it anyway...(excuse the messy room!)

Blue shirt | Men's Primark|
Black cami |Topshop|
Jeggings |F&F at Tesco|
Ankle boots ||
Skinny patent belt |ASOS|

So there you go, hope it didn't bore you too much ;)


  1. This is the perfect college outfit.
    You've done good girl.
    I always overdressed :P

  2. You should be doing more daily/college outfits (: I like seeing what others would wear if they don't have heaps of time for styling and that looks casual, but really chic!



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