Friday, 24 September 2010

Oh george!

Hello my gorgeous followers!
earlier on in the week a saw an advert for Asda's George range - they were (and i think still are) having a sale on jeggings and jeans. of course i popped on over to the website, and had a little peek. i needed to get some more jeggings, as well as some more leggings so i thought it was worth a look. it definitely was!

'ruched' leggings

£6.00 £3.00!!
so, on the website these are described as 'ruched' but in the photo i couldn't see any ruching, so i ordered anyway and there is some ruching but it's not very noticeable unless your looking closley at the bottom of the side of the leggings (why would you?). i was hoping the ruching wouldn't be too out there, and it's not. i've tried to capture it in the second photo. they're thick which is nice, so there's no underwear peaking out from underneath!

'soft bleached' jeggings

£10.00 £3.75!
these were over half price! i was pretty impressed when they came, because they are very nice quality. they aren't the jersey type jeggings, they are the 'denim' ones. they fit really nicely, and you barely even realise you're wearing anything at all!

i can't remember exactly how much the delivery was but i remember my total was about £10 so it was about £3-ish. so i got these for basically £5 each.

i know they're pretty basic, but i thought i'd share with you the george sale if you hadn't yet heard about it. 


  1. wow thanks for sharing have spent ages on the website..your leggings look fab xx

  2. i saw this on the ad but im too lazy to go asdas, i do like the clothes george does tho.
    those jeggings looks really nice :) x

  3. Bargains! Those jeggings are really flattering on you xx

  4. I really like those bleached type ones on you :)


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