Friday, 5 November 2010


hello my sweets,
i wish that i could successfully 'name' my eotd's but, in all honestly im crap... and i just find it a bit cringey when i do it myself, lol maybe thats just me? anyways if i had to name this look it would probably be 'champagne smoke' or something of that nature :)

well that was a complete tangent! anyway here's what it looks like..

mac studio finish concealer
benefit it stick
bourjois healthy mix foundation
rimmel stay matte powder
mememe 'rouge' blush
mac harmony blush as contour

elf brow kit
pink + gold shade from sleek original all over lid
tiny bit of sleek black shade on outer v
collection 2000 fast stroke eyeliner
l'oreal volouminous mascara
urban decay zero on waterline

gosh darling lipstick
h&m lipgloss in pink whisper

hope you enjoyed :)


  1. You look lovely, as always. Your lashes are so long - I'm jealous! I wish I could get the hang of the 'FOTD' poses i just seem to look like a deer in headlights haha xx

  2. Stunning! Your lashes are sooo long and lushious xx

  3. You're so gorgeous! and your lashes look amazing x

  4. You look gorgeous! Love this look :) x

  5. @GoldenGlow - oh don't worry about it... i still have perfected the pose without looking or feeling silly lol XD

    @Victoria India - thank you, so nice to hear things like that :)

    @Charlotte - thanksss, glad you liked

    @Abbie - haha really?? maybe it's the rimmel lash accelerator? ;)

    @Donna - i do nothing more than simple ;)

    @Louise - you're such a sweetie, thank you <4

    @Laura - thank you, thank you!


  6. You look gorgeous!! I love that color blush on you xxx

  7. You have such beautiful eyes.xx

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