Monday, 20 December 2010

Get your pins out!

Hiya girlies,
Lately I've been falling increasingly in love with skirts. What bought this on? I have no idea. Maybe the fact that you can still look chic and stylish in the autumn/winter but still be warm by sticking on a few pairs of 100 derniers underneath? But I also think I'm going to be donning skirts for the festive season - i feel like you could still wear them regularly after all the glitz of Christmas and New Years has gone because they really are so versatile.

I've picked a few daytime and nightime favourites from BooHoo and ASOS. I love both these online shops, and especially BooHoo because it's so affordable! Time to pull out that St Tropez ladies ;)


Gorgeous little floral and polka dot skirt, which is only £5 at the moment at BooHoo!!! In the cold weather opaques and knee highs are probably your best bet, but you could definitely keep this running through to spring and summer! I'd pair these with some worker boots to make it a little bit edgier.

I'm totally in love with this skirt - it's so pretty and girlie. I've put this under 'daytime' but this would be so easy to dress up! Again, opaques are necessary in the winter, with some pretty little ballet pumps. I think this looks best with something tucked into it, and I think a white baggy vest tucked in with maybe a blazer or cardigan over the top would be really pretty.

Another bit of lace! Again, girly and feminine. It's quite a statement skirt, so again a plain vest top tucked in with a blazer is casual but smart at the same time - add a big necklace and heels and you have a night time look too.


This is a great skirt to wear for dinner or even a party. Love this skirt, I'd pair it with some black wedges and tights, leopard print is love!

I'm really thinking about ordering this for Christmas... it's red and it's ruffly. What more could you want??

Christmas outfit - check. Now we have one for New Years Eve! Love the studs, love bodycon skirts! I think a nice black off the shoulder top tucked in, or a swing style vest over the top would be nice. The studs are the main focus of this, some nude platforms I think would be super cute.

*I wrote this post a few days ago because I knew I wouldn't have much time to blog. There have been further reductions on BooHoo so pop on over and have a look. I've ordered 2 of these skirts so look out for a mini haul*

What are your recent loves? Have you decided on your Christmas and NYE outfits??


  1. I love the last skirt, it's gorgeous! :) xxx

  2. The studded skirt and the 2 lacey ones are my favourites.
    I love wearing my skirts and dresses too, that's what I love about Summer.

  3. Thank you for the comment on my post - just checked out your blog and love it! Especially this post - can't believe those BooHoo bargains. Amazing! xox

  4. Oh lovely! I love the leopeard one, very nice! Those Boohoo ones are absolutely gorgeous, and such a bargain. xo

  5. must check out boo hoo more oftne x

  6. all the skirts are so cute!
    Such a decent price too!
    Shan Shan x

  7. @Tara - It's got NYE written all over it, right?

    @Lace n Coffee - Yeah it's always good to be able to pull out a skirt/dress without having to find a pair of tights that doesn't have a hole in. Roll on summer!

    @Lydia - Thank you! It's no prob. I sometimes overlook BooHoo but this has made me fall a tiny bit in love!

    @Emma - Always good to find some bargains ;)

    @Kirstyb - Defs! It's easy to forget about because it's not very memorable but definitely worth a look now and then

    @Jazzy E - Glad you liked them!

    @Kawaii Kuromi - Yayy for cheap <3



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