Friday, 31 December 2010

Haulin' #2

Hey guys,
Right so part two of my haul, mainly clothes. Nothing too exciting - they're basically all basics and boring things! I still thought I'd share it with you... I love seeing what other people buy so hopefully someone else out there does too! Haha.

River Island, crop long sleeve £5 (was £12.99)

My only sale item! It's a really cute bright blue colour and it's quite a boxy long sleeve top. It's also cropped, to the point where it ends just at the middle of the waist. They only had it in a size 14 (I'm 10/12) but I really like that it's a bit baggier.

Miss Selfridge, Ribbed long sleeve £10

I love these basic ribbed long sleeve t-shirts from Miss Selfridge. They're great for lazy days to just wear with jeans or leggings and I thought this colour was really beautiful, it's an emerald, mossy green. I think green looks really good against brown hair and eyes.

Primark, Textured bodycon vest £6.00

Just a plain black bodycon vest/dress with a textured fabric... kind of like waffle weave? I'm going to use this under tops that aren't quite long enough to be worn alone or with leggings instead of wearing bodycon skirts all the time! I almost bought this in grey too which I wish I did now, looks like another trip to town for me!

Primark, Canvas plimsols £4.00

I saw these and I thought they looked much more expensive than Primark shoes, they're actually really good quality. They're pretty much plimsols but without the laces, I really like them. They're much better than the other Primark plimsols I had, because these have sturdy rubber soles.

Primark, Taupe satchel £9.00

I've been looking for a satchel bag for absolutely ages - that was affordable! I saw this little beauty in Primark and loved it. They did have some satchels before; the tan and black ones that everyone has but they weren't quite what I wanted. This one is perfect... not too small and not too big. A steal for £9!

WH Smiths, Lauren Conrad Style £7.49 (was £14.99)

I almost bought this book when it first came out, but I'm glad I waited because it's pretty much half price at WH Smiths now! There's a particular part I'm looking forward to reading... 'Jeans. Finding the right pair' I can never find perfect jeans!

So there's the end of my haul! You'll probably see little other hauls soon as my birthday is coming up and I'll probably go on a little shopping trip then too. Hope you've all been enjoying time off school/college/uni. Even though I'll be quite glad to go back... the bit in between Christmas and the New Year is really awkward and, well, a little bit boring!


  1. I would have never of guessed that, that bag was from Primark! x

  2. Let us know if that book is worth the pennies! I've been holding off buying it for a while now ... I think I'll wait to see if it gets even cheaper!
    Great haul!!

    Katie x

  3. That bag does not look like it's from Primark! Love it :D
    Great haul Natalie.. I got the LC book for Christmas.. Quite excited to read it :) xx

  4. You've got some lovely things there :)

    Why don't you try nipping down to your local library and checking out their style section. (I work in a library and look at all the fashion books, saves me a fortune!) That way, you get to look at them for a bit and see if they're worth buying or just keeping for a few weeks to glance at.

    Happy New Year
    Laura x

  5. Wow, love that bag:D I have that Lauren Conrad book and I found it really good:) Have you ever read her other books that she does? The L.A. candy ones?:) x

  6. i love that bag i think i seen it in black x

  7. I absolutely love those plimsols - makes me wish for spring to hurry up! The bag is gorgeous too. I've just found your blog, looking forward to reading more! Happy New Year! Becky x

  8. That bag is gorgeous, definitely worth visiting Primark for and I'm tempted to pick up Lauren Conrad's style book as well! x

  9. Oh wow, I know EXACTLY what you mean when you say that you can never find the right pair of jeans. That's a big reason why I hate jeans! :/

  10. some fab goodies huni! I need to get my hands on the LC book :)


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