Monday, 30 August 2010


Hey sweeties,
I'll let this do the talking...

Confession? Okay, so this is just a trickery hair-do. I've never been brave enough to go this short... I think the shortest my hair's ever been is about 3 inches below my shoulders. But I want your opinions, do you think I should go for the kill and get the chop?

  • low maintainence
  • manageable
  • time saving
  • less products, save money!
  • the change I feel I desperately need!
  • less choice of hairstyles
  • will probably miss my long hair
  • takes ages to grow back
I'm so stuck, help me please :) lol


  1. You could get loads of short choppy layers, because short hair really frames your face, im sure your hairdresser could suggest something without taking off the length :) :) xxxx

  2. you look so pretty I agree with Chloe short hair really frames your face I like it. :)

  3. i love it<3, it's a really sexy hair cut!

  4. I actually like the shorter hair better! Of course you look gorg either way, but it really frames your face & is SO cute! :) xo

  5. I love your shorter hair! Looks gorgeous and frames your face so nicely :)

  6. i think you look really pretty with short hair, it really suits you! i say go for the choppp!! :) x

  7. You should do it! In those pictures it looks amazing, like everyone else says it really frames your face, beautiful xx

  8. i really love it shorter with the choppy layers, it frames your face and gives your hair some style instead of just straight layers.
    love it, do it! :D

  9. nooo its perfect don't chop it you'll regret it I did for sure !!!

  10. Love it!! It's perfect on you!

  11. it looks gorgeous! it's making me want to chop my hair off too! :)

  12. Hey, your shorter hair is lovely!

  13. haha thanks for your input everyone! i'm gonna have to mill this over for a little bit longer, maybe you'll see a chop soon! xoxo


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