Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Haircare routine

Hello my lovelies :)
Right so, I seem to get a fair few compliments and comments on my hair. I really think hair can completley change the way someone looks (either for better or worse!). So, I thought I'd go ahead and do a post about my haircare routine, it's pretty simple and I've used it for a while, with a few adjustments.

I actually have naturally, very curly hair, but 9 times out of 10 I will straighten it... which I know isn't very good but hey ho. Here is a picture of my natural hair (this was about a year ago when it was shorter)...

1 - Products
I'll start off with the products that I use in my hair :)

I wash my hair with the Herbal Essences beautiful ends range shampoo and conditioner. I've been using this for a couple of weeks now and I'm really liking it. I really like for my hair to look and be healthy and with the heat that I use - I need to do everything in my power to keep away split ends! If I'm not using this, I'll usually use a Patene Pro-V shampoo & conditioner (repair and protect being my favourite).

This is a conditioner type product from Lee Stafford which is supposed to promote hair growth. I can't actually get back to you on how well this works yet as I've only just started using it. But when I've come to a conclusion I'll put a review up :) Now with this, you put about a golf ball sized scoop evenly into your hair and scalp between shampoo and conditioner. I love the smell of Lee Stafford products!

This is a leave in conditioner from Frizz-Ease John Freida. My hair can sometimes get frizzy (especially if I leave to air-dry) and this is a real life saver. It stops my hair from getting frizzy and keeps my hair hydrated! Once I get out of the shower I leave my hair to dry about 80%, then I spritz this all through my hair, focussing on the ends. Then I'll continue to blow dry or I'll leave it to air dry.

Like I said earlier, I will usually blow dry and straighten my hair, which is a hecka lot of heat! So I always make sure I use a protectant... that's really important to me. I use Dove's Heat Defence Therapy, it really helps my hair to resist the heat, and it smells gorgeous too. I spray this in my hair before I blow dry and before I straighten or curl. I don't let anything hot reach my hair if I don't have this little guy to hand!

Another fab smelling product from Lee Stafford. This is a 'refreshment spray'. Whenever my hair's looking a bit dull, I get this baby out. It adds an amazing shine to my hair, with no grease and no weighing down! It's also like a perfume for the hair! A lot of people tell me my hair smells great when I've sprayed this. I love this stuff!

I only ever use hairspray when I've teased or curled my hair. My hair is really stubborn at keeping shape without curls falling out etc. so I need a hairspray that will keep it in place, but not make it crispy or too heavy. I love this Pantene Extra Strong Hold Classic Hairspray. I think it smells nice (not too much of a hair spray smell) and it really does hold my cruls in for an impressive time. No crunchyness either! Result! However I do like Elnette aswell.

2- Tools
I only actually use 2 tools on my hair and they're my best friends!

This is my hairdryer... it's a Phillips Tresemme Salon Pro-Ceramic AC, with ION technology (supposed to add shine). It's got 3 heat settings and 2 strengths. Does the job for me so thumbs up.

Now these really are my little babies! My GHD straighteners :) I used to have the wide paddle ones, until I trod on them and they broke :| it was bad times lol. But actually, I like the thin ones much better, much more purposeful. I use these to straighten (obviously) as well as curl. I think you can get sooo many different curls from using a straighner, which is why I rank them higher than curlers. LOVE these. Would like to try out the Cloud Nine's though if anyone wants to go get me a pair ;) Oh and please excuse that Starbucks mug! Lol.

Sorry this was such a long post girls! Hopefully it healped somewhat? :)


  1. I absolutely love your hair, youre so lucky your hair looks great even when it hasnt been straightened!!! My just looks fluffy psssh

    I wnated to try the Lee Stafford hair growth treatment stuff a while back, but couldnt find it in Australia!!! Im too lazy to get it from over seas haha The wake up call stuff looks amazing too!!! Lee Stafford should make ALL their products easily available in Aus!!!

  2. Aw thanks Lorien! That's strange... you'd think that they'd be available worldwide! It's like Aussie all over again ;) lol xoxo

  3. Your hair is lovely, I absolutely love lee stafford, the packaging is lush and makes it.

  4. Your hair looks gorg, I want to try the beautiful ends collection heard lots of good things about it :) xx


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