Monday, 19 April 2010

Review; Soapbespoke

Hello girls (and guys),
This post is going to be a review on a company which I'm pretty sure only a few (if any) of you have heard about. They sell handmade soaps, body butters and scrubs. Website here for more information :)

A few weeks back my Dad went to the ideal home show, and he saw this lady sitting at a stall with a bunch of handmade soaps. Something in his brain clicked and he remembered that I'm a fan of LUSH - pretty hard to forget when I'm always stinking out the bathrooms ;) So, he bought home some goodies for me... which I thought was so cute of him.

Here's what my Daddy got me, a 'Sea Breeze Scrub Lust' and two soaps laying in a bed of ocean salt.

This is the first fragrance called 'Sea Breeze' which is pretty self explanitory. It is a really fresh scent, which is something that I really like. It also has a hint of lemon, now I don't normally like lemony scents but this isn't overpowering and really works well. The salts in the bottom can be used in the bath and do leave the skin soft and smooth but nothing special enough to write home about. Although they are very relaxing and I do like using them :)

One thing that I dislike about LUSH soaps is the fact that they don't lather very well. These soaps do actually lather. I feel like when things lather they're working better - I know this isn't true... it's just some kind of psychological thing lol. The scent of these soaps do linger for a while - not as long as LUSH soaps do - but a good 2 or 3 hours.

The second soap (the red), is a scent called 'Sexy Spice'. I'm not so keen on this scent... it is what it says... it has a cinnamon scent to it as well as some other spices which I can't quite place my finger on. I'm really pleased with these soaps, but I probably wouldn't purchase again... purely for the fact that I prefer the soap scents from LUSH, and they linger for a lot longer.

This is the Sea Breeze Scrub Lust. This is the same scent as the blue soap. It's supposed to be a sort of rich creamy body butter... They look like salt granules, but you submerge them in hot water and they melt down and when put onto the skin turn into a luxiourous butter...

For me, a person with oily skin... this is far too much for me. And I did find that it took a long time to sink into the skin, and even when it did it left a bit of a residue. Although saying that, I think this would work wonders for mature and dry skin! It smells lovely too - and the scent lasts longer than the soaps. For me, this just doesn't work. As much as I wanted it to :(

I believe that they also make personalised soaps and things, I think these make really great presents. But I do think the products are a bit pricey. The soaps are £5 and the scrub/butter thing is £15. All in all, I think these were fab products to use once in a while, but I don't think I could use these without getting bored, unlike LUSH. As their scent range is pretty limited. I do reccomend taking a look at the website, the products are really high quality and didn't irritate my skin like a lot of bath products tend to do to me.



  1. These look great. very individual. I know its crazy but i think theres some better stuff out there other than Lush. I have my fair share of Lush items in my bathroom but i do prefer other brands.

  2. I totally agree! I'm only really a fan of LUSH for a couple of their soaps, and a skin care item! I love finding new little quirky companies :) xoxo


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