Monday, 27 December 2010

Day 26 - Your week, in great detail

Hello my loves,
I just want to start off the post saying I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and if you don't celebrate Christmas then I hope you've enjoyed your weekend as well as the extra days off work ;) So I've neglected the '30 day tag' for a long time. I think I'm getting a little bit bored of it (I'm very fickle) and also because there seems to be more and more writing about my boring life!

So this portion is my week 'in great detail'. In great detail it will not be and I can't promise excitement. Cheating however, will be found here!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 
So this was the cheating I was talking about. I've bundled these 3 days together because I came down with the flu-ey bug that everyone has seemed to be getting. Was literally awful... I had fever, all the symptoms of a cold and I was sore to the touch. Although, I did decide I couldn't lollop around feeling sorry for myself and I tried to get as much revision done as humanly possible. I have exams and re-take exams in January and it would be really nice to do well! Biology is the subject I struggle with the most, there's so much information - too much information to cram into my delicate brain!

On Thursday I'd started to feel a bit better. But Christmas was near and my Dad still had a lot of food shopping to do. He always hosts Boxing Day and we try to make Christmas a day longer ;) So I popped out with him in the morning piling Pringles, Nuts, Wine, Beer, Twiglets, Veggies and Fizzy pop into the shopping trolley. Tell a lie, into a shopping basket (yes, I know) my Dad has something against trolleys and insists of packing the shopping into a basket. End result? 3 trips to Sainsbury's a week. We got in and then I did what? Eff all! I got some more revision done, and that's about as exciting my days get lately.

One of my favourite days of the year... Christmas Eve!! I wanted to spend this day pretty much on my feet so that I would definitely be tired by the time it gets to bed time so that I would actually be able to sleep and not be the child that I am watching the clock tick down. So I started the day watching various Christmas films. I then realised that I had numerous Christmas presents left to wrap and luckily the postman came o'knocking, to my absolute delight! I then went out with my Santa bag full of goodies, handing out presents to the family. Dean then came and picked me up and we went back to his and started packing up his stuff ready for him to move out - never under estimate how tiring this is. By the end of that I was ready to get home and into my pjs!

CHRISTMAS DAY!! I was up at 6am sharp, texting everyone my festive messages. Got my dad up, then opened my presents. I would do a Christmas haul but I mainly got money anyway. My boyf then picked me up at about 9am and we started on our journey. First stop, Dean's Mum's house. Madness! 2 crazy kids along with 2 crazy dogs, opened some of our presents then and had a bit of a tipple (in the morning, I know, I know). We then left and went to Dean's Dad's, our main stay of the day and most importantly... the place we filled our bellies ;) Dean's Stepmum Woo made the most delicious dinner and plied me with plenty of Bucks Fizz... what, it's Christmas?! Dean's nan came down from Bristol too, who is about 70 and just had 2 tattoos done! 10/10! We then went onto my Mum's where we chilled and watched some Christmas telly, then back to my house to scoff our faces, look back on the day and sleep! Really amazing day full of fantastic people <3

Boxing day! I never realised that the States don't really celebrate Boxing day. My dad hosted and one of my Sisters, her boyfriend and the kids came round along with my Grandma. We had yummy steak for dinner followed by a layered cheesecake made by my own fair hands ;) Didn't go exactly as planned as I didn't realise that we were a bit short of some ingredients. Tasted better than it looked, lol! Afterwards we played board games - pictionary and balderdash. NEVER PLAY GAMES WITH MY SISTER. She is crazy competitive! And as always, games result in family arguments but plenty of laughs.

No post is complete without a picture, even if it is completely unrelated! &If you've made it to this part of the post - give yourself a pat on the back! Expect a bit of a haul tomorrow... I mainly got money and I'm venturing into town for lunch and shopping tomorrow with one of best girlfriends Kelly. I've already got a list going on in my head ;)

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