Sunday, 19 December 2010

Tweet tweet

Hello my loves,
So who can guess what this post is about? Lol, yes I finally hopped on board the Twitter bandwagon! I'm still finding my bearings really but I just thought I'd let you know in case you would like to get to know me a bit better or just to see some rambles :) Will I get addicted? More than likely!

So if you want to follow me... @ntlieread, and please leave your Twitters (?) down below, I'm nosey like that ;) And if you have any suggestions of who I should follow, suggest away!

On a second note, I'm thinking of starting 'summary' posts. A) Because I love reading them and B) Because I think they'd be quite good fun to right. However... would anyone be interested? And honestly, my life's not that exciting so they probably wouldn't be weekly. What do you think, as yano... 'followers' of my blog. Gah I hate that word!

Third note - thanks so much for all the feedback you give me, it may be self indulgent but I love coming on blogger after a long, not so great day and seeing the lovely comments you guys leave!


  1. I love summary posts, you should definitely do them & tarraaxo is my Twitter :) xxx

  2. Definitely going to follow you (:!xx

  3. Summary posts = a fantastic idea! Keep blogging, will be clicking "follow" any second now!!! !
    My Twitter is @kt_gray_3 -- maybe you could have a gander at my page while you're at it?


    Thanks - Katie x


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