Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Hankering for healthy hair

Hello :)
My mission for healthy, long and shiny hair is continuous. The thing is, I get bored then chop it all off and then decide that I want my long hair back. It's a vicious circle! After another session on weheartit when I really should be revising, I found some inspiration photo's to stop my from chopping off my locks! Major envy...

I do not take credit for any of these photo's. Image source - ALL

Anyone have any hairgrowing tips??


  1. I done a review on Dove Intense Repair conditioner yesterday, it's great for treating damaged hair and preventing damage as well. I also use Moroccan Oil which keeps my hair nice and healthy - stops it being in bad condition which is the number one reason for me getting it chopped in the past ;)

    errrrm, also I've heard Lee Stafford have a hair growth treatment? I've never used it, so can't say much, but may be worth a look!

  2. Moroccan Oil has really strengthened my hair. I've noticed a lot of growth since I've started using it.
    Also, get it cut now and then. I notice my hair grows the most after I've had it trimmed - the dead ends are removed meaning it snaps/breaks less easily. I get my hair cut at every other appointment (so every 16 weeks instead of 8)

  3. I second Moroccan Oil, it's amazing. I have also been using this hair mask by essential, I think you can only get it from Japan and Asia, but I found some on ebay. It's the honey and shea butter deep conditioner. I'm about to do a review on my blog, but I absolutely adore it! Other than that, it's the boring things like eating amazing foods, and lots of water!


  4. I put almond or coconut oil in my hair once a week & I take seven seas cod liver oil capsules! My hair's pretty long so it should work for you too :) Oh and I hardly ever get my hair cut! I think the whole trimming it every 6 weeks is a load of rubbish! LOL xx

  5. Oh god I got my hair cut super short a month or so ago and now I am desperate for my long hair back - these pics have made me so jealous :(

  6. Thanks for all of your tips honeys! I've written them all down and locked them away safely ;) I'll report back and let you know how it's going! xoxo


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