Thursday, 23 December 2010

Sum-up #1

-- In a recent post I mentioned 'summary' posts and I was trying to decide whether or not I should do them. Wondering whether or not anyone would really read them, or care. But I've decided I'm going to go ahead and do them :)

-- Christmas and the end of the year is a hectic time for all of us, but it's been particularly crazy this year... I have A2 exams as well as AS level resits in January, so I've been sticking to numerous revision timetables. I think I've been quite successful with it so far, pretty organised and I haven't strayed from it all that much. After college, I was planning on moving in with my boyfriend and into the flat he's in right now... but we've been let down by other people who we were going to flat share with and now that plans, well, down the drain. He's going to move in with his Nan and Grandad and I'm going to stay here with my Daddy. But it's all good! I'm still young and have plenty of time for moving out and all that jazz.

-- I'm kind of gutted that I'm not 18 for this New Years Eve, but the more gutting fact is that I turn 18 four days after!! So instead, me and the boy have decided we're probably going to spend the night in Southampton. Spend the day shopping and then stay overnight at a Hotel with a cheeky bottle of Rose or champers if we're lucky. If any of you have recommendations of Hotels in Southampton, let me know!

-- I'm still waiting on two presents from Amazon, I'm hoping they'll get here in time but it's not the end of the world if they don't. Also awaiting an order from BooHoo! I was really shocked actually... on Monday MAC were offering free standard shipping, something that always gets me! So off I popped to the website and ordered a lipstick from the Tartan Tale Collection. Officially my first MAC LE product! 24 hours later... my package was with me! And I love the lipstick. My sister has borrowed my camera to take to her best friend's wedding, but when I get it back expect a dedicated post!

Hope you're all well, and enjoyed (?) my rubbish attempt at a summary post. I'm easing myself in ;)


  1. I have an exam in January that I need to revise for too :( xxx

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  3. ^ Douche! I was thinking of Christmas instead of New Years? I'm such a tard.
    *calculates* So you're 16 days older than me haha. You look so much older! But then again, I have fat cheeks which makes me look about 12 x

  4. @Tara - It sucks! They should wait until Feb time I say ;)

    @Louise - You don't look 12, haha! I have fat cheeks too... my mum used to call me pudding face. Yeah I'm loved!

    @Indian Sarees - Thank you, I'm glad you liked!


  5. You don't have fat cheeks! I'm serious, they're huge! x


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