Thursday, 9 December 2010

Grinning from ear to ear!

Hello ladies,
I love sharing little events that make me extremely happy with you guys... I suppose I use this as a journal/diary type thing sometimes, there's more to us beauty bloggers than lipsticks and blush! Anyways, as most of you know (I think) I had braces. I had them on from September 2009 until today! YUP :D I got my braces off, and it is literally the best feeling in the world. I was really self conscious about my teeth beforehand, but now I can't stop smiling. If you're toying with the idea of getting braces but are worried about the pain or don't like the way they look... honestly, it is so worth it.

I thought I would do a before/during/after, because you know... I'm loving it right now ;) Before I got my braces, as I said - super self conscious, so it was actually really hard trying to find a photo with my old teeth. So this was all I got...

I scribbled out my best friend's face, lol because I really don't think she'd appreciate me putting this photo out there haha. As you can see my main problem were the gaps *thanks mum* and yes, this is literally the only photo I can find and it doesn't really show it very well but meh.

This time I covered my niece's face - why do I spend time with people who are constantly making stupid faces?!?! A lot of people have trouble with wearing braces, thinking they're ugly and whatnot. But I really didn't mind them one bit, I kind of knew the end result would so be worth it. Also - it's not so much of a 'pain' it's just an ache, which doesn't last that long at all so don't be put off!

The braces are gone and finally I feel happy showing my teeth! The feeling when you get them taken off is <3!!


  1. Your teeth look lovely! I'll be expecting lots of toothy smiles in your upcoming posts!

    I definitely agree that having braces is worth it! I used to have really awful top teeth, they were wonky and gappy and i was also missing the two pointy ones (i cant remember the proper name for them! primary school science is failing me). I LOVED my teeth so much after i had my braces off, i remembering saying 'oh my God i have teeth' when i first saw them and then i was all smiles! Unfortunately 4 years later they've moved back again... I'm considering getting caps now the only thing putting me off is the price!

    I think the moral of my story is if you want braces - go for it! But if they give you a retainer dont EVER stop wearing it! :)


  2. @Teresa-Rosa - Thank you, you definitely will be seeing more toothy smiles :D lol!

    Oooh I'm pretty much the same but I ONLY has the pointy ones, and not the flat ones that are supposed to come first! Yeah that's the only thing I'm worried about but I've vowed I will continue to wear my retainer into my 50s! Haha

    Yeah dental work is so expensive!! If I could've afforded it I probably would've had an Invisalign. Hope it all goes well for you though :)


  3. i know how good it feels to get your braces off! theyre deffo always worth getting in the long run though! :)

    Enjoy being able to feel your teeth! ha. :) xx

  4. You look lovely! I got my braces when I was 10 and wore them for just over a year, I was lucky having them so young because it means that everybody in my secondary school has only ever seen me with straight teeth haha(:,xxx

  5. You look gorgeous! I had braces for about 2 years maybe and it is the best feeling when you have them off. I always remember eating a banana just after i had them off and it was the best! My teeth just sliced through it haha.. you'll have to try it :P

  6. Beautiful! I had a combination of retainers and fixed braces for about 4years! I actually cried when i had mine taken off as i felt stripped of something that was "me" lol
    I love my teeth now though and the years of braces were definitely worth it!
    Enjoy your new teeth! xxx

  7. Definately agree about the retainer comment, I lost the invisable one they gave me for my top teeth almost straight away. Luckily they've stayed pretty straight, the bottom have shifted about a bit though which is disappointing! Yours look lovely now!! x

  8. nathan bedingfieldAugust 31, 2011 2:54 pm

    You now have that gorgeous smile! Who loves having braces, anyway? But having them can be a great help in achieving the perfect set of teeth that you've always wanted. =D

    --nathan bedingfield

  9. Good for you! Your teeth are looking fantastic, and it's great to see your smile without those braces. It feels so satisfying to get those removed, right?


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