Friday, 10 December 2010


Hello loves,
It's been ages since I did an outfit of the day... mainly because I never found a place that wasn't a dirty full length mirror to really show what I'm wearing, but also because my "poses" are never on the mark - which they're still not by the way. But I'm willing to keep trying ;) I started off with a boring one today... I'm just a college today so i really don't need to look all fancy, so a dull outfit of the day. But an ootd all the same :)

Stripe button top, H&M
Cardigan, H&M
Jeggings, F&F at Tesco

I was just wearing some plain black dolly shoes with this which is why I didn't feature them. I'm going to try and do more outfit of the days, most of them won't be very interesting but on my last one someone said how they find it useful to see what people wear to college and when they're not doing much, so hopefully these aren't as boring as I think.


  1. I love the top you're wearing - H&M have lots of good things in at the minute :)


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