Saturday, 13 March 2010

100? Wow!

Bonjour beauties!
So, this is my 100th post :O Wow. Who knew I could even find that many things to post about! I just want to start by saying thank you to all my followers, old and new. I'm still suprised that people are still interested in what I have to say, but my god am I happy :D I feel like blogger is a place I can come and just release any stress and whatevs... I love being a blogger and I think this will carry on for a while yet!!

100 is a 'milestone' I guess? And I wanted to do a post that's a little bit different. I thought I'd show you the gurus that made me want to blog. It all started when I was browsing videos on youtube of 'prom hair styles' and it just escalated - I began subscribing to people and then onto venturing into the world of blogger! And I thought 'hmm maybe I'm not confident enough to go on youtube, but I'd like to try out this whole blogging thing' and voila... here I am!

With no further adue, here are my favourite youtube guru's. Go and check them all out if you're not already following (which I'm pretty sure you will be).

Samantha is a UK beauty guru on youtube, and is so incredibly gorgeous! I really like the fact she uses a lot of drugstore products, as it makes it more accessible and cheap for people... and helping them to realise that gorgeous looks can be created on a budget.

Libby is pretty new to youtube, and she also has a blog here (pretty sure there's a link on her channel). I love her make-up style, it's actually very similar to my own... soft and subtle, pretty looks! I'm so envious she is beaaaaautiful and I love her accent! Hehe.

Gemma is another UK based youtube guru, and her channel ranges from beauty and vlogs. I seriously cannot watch one of her videos without laughing, she's so funny and I love to watch video's that make me laugh. She was living in France, and now Spain and it's really interested to see how it's going and things she experiences.

Greg is actually from Canada, and I love that he plays around with make up. He wears looks that I wouldn't dream of wearing but they're so stunning! His skin is absolutely flawless and he has a real talent for make-up! He also cracks me up so much!

Kandee's videos are so inspirational, whenever I watch them I instantly feel happy! She has such a good way at looking at life. I love that she has so many make up tips and tricks, that truely work. She has so many video's on a bunch of different things. You can find anything over on her channel!

Kelly is another one whose videos are so inspirational. They range from beauty, fashion, weight loss and vlogs. Her weight loss videos really help me out because she goes through the same struggles as everyone else and doesn't hide it. Everything she says is just so funny - I love watching her videos so, so, so much!

Everyone knows Laura! She is so truthful in what she thinks about products, and I think that's so important. I feel like I can always trust her judgement on a product, or listen to a reccomendation and not be dissapointed. She is absolutely gorgeous. One of the first guru's I ever subscribed to! Deffinitely someone to have on your subscriptions list :)

Leina is stunning and she has a real knack for make up. Some of her looks are really bright and look SO pretty, and some are everyday basics that everyone should no - they're really helpful. She also has an awesome taste in music, haha!

There are literally a tonne more, but I didn't want to bore you all to death! Who are your favourite youtube guru's? What made you want to start blogging? :)


  1. congrats on 100 posts (:, i love your blog! X

  2. congratulations! i love reading your blog =) xox


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