Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Two awards :)

Morning my lovelies,
Eeeeek, I love it when someone gives me an award :) Makes me all fuzzy inside, lmao! Pretty self explanitory so I'll just get on with it lol.

So the first one I've been award is the Tres Chic Award, really cute award, dontcha think? Holly nominated me for this award, so thank you very much Holly. I love reading your blog and you definitley deserved to get this one too :) As far as I'm aware this one has no rules...?

And the second award is the 'Beautiful Blogger' award. I think I may have done this already, but I'm not too sure... I'll do it again anyways, lol! Thanks to Alice for giving me this, you're really sweet! I'm new to your blog but I'm lovin' it already <3

So for this award you have to share seven things about yourself...
1- I'm currently learning how to drive and I'm loooooving it. I knew I would!
2- I'm a massive rollercoaster fan... that feeling of your stomach in your throat? My favourite thing ever.
3- Mine and my boyfriend's 18 month anniversary is coming up on April 15th :)
4- I can't whistle :(
5- I can't tear myself away from gossip magazines even though I know they're rubbish.
6- Anyone who knows me knows I'm very, very sarcastic.
7- I'd say my Dad is one of my best friends <3

I would tag people, but I'm pretty sure I've already done this. But seriously - I tag every single one of you! If you want to do this but haven't been tagged then please do :) I TAG YOU!

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