Friday, 5 March 2010

Inspired: Pin up eye

Morning girls :)
I really love pin up style make up, I think there's something so sultry about it... but at the same time isn't too obvious. If you know what I mean? So yup, this is just my take on pin up eye make up :) Let me know what you think.

It's quite an easy look to wear all day, but good for a night out too (although I would darken up the crease a little). The main aspect of this is the feline flick - something that I really, really love!

Oh and I've just got back from my first ever driving lesson :O It went well, looking forward to the next one although it was a bit daunting lol. I didn't even stall once - which I thought I would so yay! Haha.


  1. this looks really lovely, really classic but up to date at the same time! xx

  2. I love this look, really pretty on you!


  3. I love it, you really have good ideas!

  4. I love this look on you, i always look so messy when i try and do smart pin up style lol. love your blog, you have a new follower :-) xox

  5. looks lovely! you should start doing tutorials when you do looks like this!

    as if you're doing manual driving! ahhh i couldnt cope haha good lucky x


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