Sunday, 20 February 2011

Earn your stripes

Hello everyone,
Today has been a super lazy day. Rolled out of bed at around 10am, watched a bunch of Youtube videos whilst the boy played on COD and had Sunday lunch at his Nan's house... nom nom! It's half term next week too, which means I'm probably not going to be doing much more than that for a whole week! Some well deserved lay-ins though I think. So the post today is going to be an OOTD, I don't do half as many as I'd like to... I kinda feel like I don't really have many 'interesting' outfits to show you guys... plus I find them really hard to photograph. I think I've mentioned before that I absolutely love stripes... here's some evidence ;)

Striped Tunic - Primark
Leggings - Peacocks
White pumps - TU at Sainsburys

Sorry about the major scruffy shoes... They are literally years old and I spent pretty much the whole of last summer in these bad boys! Plus, I'm not really keen on bright white shoes... they always look a bit better when they're worn - well that's what I tell myself ;) The buttons on the tunic have a really detailed ship on them, my camera was never going to pick it up. It's a really great touch from Primark :) Hope you found this post at least a little bit interesting... lol.


  1. I have that top :) problem is only one side of it has the buttons, the other side has pen marks were they were supposed to be stitched on!


  2. I love the stripy top, esp the bottoms on the shoulders :)

  3. @xoxo - That's the problem with Primark sometimes! Mine had a whole on the armpit lol, nothing a bit of stitching couldnt solve but yanooo...

    @Gemx - Thanks hun :)



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