Monday, 28 February 2011

Fragrance Direct

Hey everyone,
I thought I'd do a little post about an online order I made from one of the many discount cosmetics websites out there. It's a website that's only recently just came to my attention, so I thought some of you might not have heard about it either and that this might be helpful. The website in question is, they sell other things such as perfumes and skin care, but I only ordered 3 make up items. All of the make up is drugstore, but at surprisingly lower prices than they already are. Here are the few bits I ordered...

Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick 'Birthday Suit'
I put this in my online shopping cart, purely because it was such an unbelieveable bargain! I ummed and ahhed about this shade many times in Boots or Superdrug but always shrugged it off because most likely, I have something similar sitting at home. The RRP is £4.99 but on this website it was a mere 99p! How amazing is that? Obviously shades are limited, but they have quite a wide range. You can find this lipstick here.

Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara
I've always wondered whether this is purely a gimmick or whether the vibration really does make a difference to application. However, I was not willing to pay the £15.49 that they charge... I think you'll all agree this is extremely high for a drugstore mascara. A few more quid and I could get myself YSL Faux Cils. I snapped this up at £3.75 which is a big saving. I'll let you know what I think about it! You can find this mascara here.

NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder 'Sunny'
Again, another product I've always wanted to try... I'm not a massive fan of brozer, but if it's matte I'm definitely interested! I'm not sure why I've never picked it up before because it's only £3.99 but this website gave me a great excuse because it's only £1.99. You can find this bronzer here.

Now, when I got to the checkout I thought this was going to be the catch... that they were going to charge some extortinate ammount to bring the stuff to my house. They don't! The delivery charge is £1.95, which is pretty decent for any online store. It only took 3 days from the day I ordered (although it says it can take up to 5), and they were all in perfect condition.

The website is certainly worth a look... There are plenty of other things I wanted, but I'm trying to save money and also wanted to see what the website was like first. They even have Revlon Colorstay on there! Of course all shades are limited for everything, but they have some popular ones on there too.

Have you ordered from this website before - am I just late finding out? Lol.


  1. I love Fragrance Direct and their customer services are excellent. I really like the lipstick you've got.
    Zoe x
    Please take a look at my blog, Diamond Solitaire, here!

  2. ive ordered from there before, they're actually based about half an hours drive from where i live! they stock loads of tigi bedhead stuff x

  3. I always end up ordering lots of bits from there because it's all so cheap! x

  4. Fragrance Direction is brill, i used to buy loads of 'St Mortitz' from there :D x

  5. Wow they were such bargains! Thanks for sharing :)



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