Monday, 14 February 2011


Hello my lovelies,
And a very happy valentine's to all of you! I'm not really a big fan of Valentine's... I just don't think you should do something special for your loved one just because its Feb 14th, but it's a good excuse to go out with your boyf/girlf or for the singletons to get dressed up for a night on the town or to be happy that they're not feeling the pressure! Me and Dean just went to the cinema, no biggie. We saw the new Simon Pegg film 'Paul' and honestly? It was freakin' amazing. It's a funny and unpredictable film right from the get go. I definitely recommend going to see it, I was not expecting to like it (I let the boy pick) but it was really enjoyable.

I'm very lucky that my boyfriend is actually a florist, so I'm sometimes quite spoilt and given flowers. But these Valentine's flowers were beaaaaaaautiful! White and red roses with lillies, he did good! And just for the cute factor that every Valentine's post needs - the card I got him...

I will put up some photo's from my weekend away in London up as soon as possible... but I actually took a total of 503, seems like I got a bit snap happy, haha. It's hard to pick my favourites, I'll get there! And it will probably be in 2 separate posts because I don't want to flood you with a very picture heavy post.


  1. The flowers are so cute!! I got my boyfriend a card with those eye wobbly people too!! haha XO

  2. Aww thats adorable :) i got a lovely card and a plant that me and the boy are going to mother. lol x

  3. Awwwh how cute is that card! haha.. I really want to see Paul! Maybe I will tomorrow cos it's Orange Wednesday xx


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