Friday, 25 February 2011

Everything that glitters is not gold [NOTD]

Hello lovelies,
In my recent haul, a lot of you seemed interested in the 17 High Gloss nail polish 'Sphinx' a gorgeous glittery gold. I was really excited to try this out, it's so beautiful in the bottle and I had high hopes that it would on the nails too. So this is a post to showcase my new, golden nails! It retails for a mere £3.49 which is pretty decent...

Firstly, this applied like a dream, three swipes of the brush and the nail was done. This was actually three coats, but you could definitely just do two and still get the same effect. Drying time was pretty average, it wasn't speedy but I wasn't hanging around for ages picking things up with my toes in a bid not to smudge my nails either. I love the sparkle it gives, without having big chunks of glitter. I can't comment on the staying power because I've only just applied it - but so far I'm super happy. I can't wait to wear this with a tan in the summer... it's going to be epic ;)

What other gold nail polishes would you recommend?


  1. Ooh this looks pretty! I wouldn't recommend BarryM's Gold because it's so sheer,needs around 4 coats and takes forever to dry x

  2. I don't have any gold polishes but that looks really nice <3

  3. great colour !
    I am searching for a colour like this, but I can not find it here :(

    xo lala

  4. I recommend Revlon's Gold Coin! It's nice considering that it switches from silver to gold depending on the lighting!


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