Wednesday, 9 February 2011

It's an addiction...

Hello ladies,
I went into town today to pick up a Starbucks (that's a whole seperate addiction!), and of course I just couldn't resist popping into a few shops. It's literally an addiction right? The feeling when you have a successful shop is LOVE. But no, I'm not really addicted - it's not as serious as that lol. Also, I don't know if I'm the only one who does this... but when I have a bunch of laundry to do and I'm running out of clothes I actually like, I must subliminally tell myself to buy more clothes to avoid the chore. Enough rambling, this is the stuff I got...

Checked shirt, Primark £7.00
I have quite a few checked shirts, I really like them... I know they're not to everyone's taste and admittedly they do make you look like a bit of a lumberjack. I just think they're super easy to wear and take minimal effort. Plus I really liked the colours of this one, I know it sounds stupid but it doesn't look distinctively 'Primark'?

Slouchy top, Primark £8.00
These types of tops are so hard to photograph! You know, the ones that are really slouchy... I love them! This one has a really pretty bird in the middle surrounded by a bunch of decorative, fancy stuff. The entire pattern in actually a velvety material, which I thought was a cute little twist. This looks so cute on!

Jersey basic top, Topshop £16.00
Another similar slouchy top, I told you I'm loving this style! Topshop has them in a whole range of different colours, I actually want to go and pick up another one in the blue marl. But I fell in love with this colour! Topshop describe it as 'Cranberry'.

Shopper bag, New Look £14.99
I felt like I was in need of a new bag... when aren't I? ;) My satchel that I bought from Primark just wouldn't allow me to carry all the crap that I want to. So off I went searching for a new bigger bag, especially as I'm going to LDN at the weekend. I found this really simple bag in New Look, it goes with everyhing and, anything with plaits/braids are a winner to me! It has more of a peachy tone that the camera didn't really pick up :(

Scrub Your Nose In It, £7.40
Heel Genius, £5.11
Flake Away, £6.64
No trip to town is complete without a pit stop in Boots. I haven't bought any Soap and Glory products in a while and they're actually 3 for 2 right now. They all smell delicious and look so girly and retro. Reviews to come most likely, even though I have tried the small versions of Flake Away and Scrub Your Nose In It before (and loved them).

What have you been buying recently and could you ever go cold turkey from shopping?


  1. Some lovely buys missy. I love the tops from TopShop for college and stuff, I have two.. one in cream and one in grey xx

  2. Fab haul, I love all the clothes!xx

  3. That shirt is really nice, I love checked shirts too! xx

  4. I love the topshop slouchy top. I am wearing the grey one now. So so comfy! I love it when soap&glory is on special. I picked some up last week =D xx

  5. It is definitely an addiction!
    I love checked shirts..I think I have around 8 maybe? They're just so comfortable and I find them quite versatile.

  6. Topshop top is such a lovely colour x

  7. i love tht topshop slouchy top! ive got flake away its rli ggood x:)

  8. I'm so jealous! It seems like British stores have way cuter clothes than ones in the United States.
    I used to use scrub your nose in it and i loved it but Target stopped selling it so I can't get it anymore.


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