Sunday, 13 February 2011

That Sunday feeling

Hello beautifuls!
I had an absolutely amazing time in London, definitely an unforgettable trip... there is a pictures post awaiting but I got back about 2 hours ago and I'm exhausted, it's been a busy weekend lol, so it's a bit of a chilled post tonight. Now I think we all agree... Sundays (evenings in particular) are not the greatest, you get that 'Sunday feeling' of eurghh work/school/college/uni tomorrow... you know what I'm talking about right? But Sunday nights, I always enjoy getting into bed. It's that feeling of fresh sheets, washed hair, new pyjamas - makes me feel all cosy! Someone else that loves Sunday nights is actually my hamster, lmao! I always clean his cage on a Sunday and when I put him back in he goes berserk running around in his fresh sawdust. I couldn't resist showing you these cuuuuute photo's...

In this post here I introduced this cute little Chinese dwarf hamster as 'Cesc' buuuuut I didn't feel like it suited him, so since then he has somehow been renamed as 'ping ping' don't ask how, because I don't even know? I was keeping him at my boyfriends flat, but he had to move and couldn't keep him :( So now he lives with me, and my cat. Yeah, that's not a great situation lol, Peanut just sits in the same room all the time. We have to shut her out at night though... otherwise ping ping could end up a gonner!


  1. Aw so cute, I really want a hamster! xx

  2. Cutie, love the ears!

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