Monday, 7 February 2011


Hello lovelies,
I've been super good on my diet, I don't actually think I've deviated or eaten something bad since I started - very proud! Lol. So today I thought I'd give myself a little treat and popped into Sainsburys to pick up some cookie mix... I've been having the urge for them lately. And from a freshly baked cookie I made my snack... if you're gonna be naughty, at least do it in style right?

Double chocolate chip cookie, peanut butter spread on top with some chopped banana. A bit of nutella would've really made this heaven, but meh we don't have any :( I've had trouble selling this idea to the fam... but it was honestly delicious. And now I'm back to salad...

On Friday me and the boy are going to be going up to London for a nice weekend away. I'm really looking forward to it! One of my sister's veryyyy kindly bought  us Arsenal tickets for the Saturday as our Christmas present, but other than that we're just gonna go with the flow. London eye will probably get a visit, as will the museums. But do you know what's on my mind? Oxford street <3 Of course... expect a post full of pictures ;)
Hope you've all had a great start to the week.


  1. So jealous of you getting to see Arsenal play, let's hope we don't have a repeat performance of Saturday!xx

  2. Oh wow, that looks absolutely delicious haha. I must try it sometime!! Have a great time in London!! x

  3. Wow it looks lush! Well done you!

    We are going for a long weekend to London this weekend! I can't wait!

    Hope you have a great time x

  4. @Holly - Oh I really hope not, it was awwwwful! Lol

    @Stefany - Haha, you should! And thank you :D

    @Steph - Thanks, I hope you have a fab time too :)



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