Thursday, 3 February 2011

Sum-up #2

-- Thought I'd get onto my second summary style post now I've actually got time to blog! I had my last exam yesterday, which is a complete weight off my shoulders... just going to have to wait until March to get the results back and see if I did as badly as I'm expecting, lol!

-- I've been craving a Starbucks for absolutely ages but with my diet going so well I really didn't want to mess it up... maybe I'm being a tad extreme?! But I thought I definitely deserved one so got on a bus, all the way to town to pick up this badboy. Peppermint mocha that's how I roll ;) Yummiest thing other than the hazelnut hot chocolate... what's you favourite Starbucks drink?

-- Think I'll take this chance to quickly go over my diet and how it's going, but I don't really want to call it a diet if I'm honest. I've been sticking to kind of 'healthy eating' type plan for about 4 weeks and I've lost 7lbs, which I was super happy with because I normally don't get passed a 3lb loss. I used to eat a bunch of white bread and snacked a lot. I've stopped eating white bread completely and rarely ever brown bread... I've been eating wholemeal pittas, getting lots of fruit in and making sure there is always a bag of salad and healthy snacks in the fridge so I don't pick the wrong foods. Jelly is a really good tip, it fills you up and feeds your sweet tooth.

-- I've got a few posts lined up, I did a bit of shopping before venturing into Starbucks, only a few bits. As my make up spending ban is now over I of course, went to go and pick up some cosmetics! Also treated myself to some Soap and Glory beauts <3 Hope you're all having a fab week!



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