Friday, 4 February 2011

Schwarzkopf home dye

Hello :)
So a couple of months ago my niece Chloe went through a phase of wanted the 'Cheryl' red/plum coloured hair. She's never dyed her hair herself, so I offered to do it for her... I must've used more box dyes than had hot dinners! She loved the result, but we all know that red is notorious for fading quickly. So we popped to Sainsburys where she picked up a new colour to liven her hair up again and get rid of her roots. She picked up a Schwarzkopf dye in the shade 'Cyber Purple'.

I've used some Schwarzkopf hair dyes before, and I really like them - in fact they're probably my 'go-to' box dye! They make your hair extremely glossy and soft... and I find the colour doesn't fade as quickly as some other brands such as Clairol. Here is the before shot...

So the application is pretty much the same as any other dye... yup, with that horrible smell too! But it's easy to mix up, and it's easy to apply. However, I think we could've done with another bottle... It did manage to get all of Chloe's hair, but only just about. And as you can see, her hair isn't all that long (just below her shoulder).

Don't let the colour of dye in the bottle put you off, Chloe got a bit freaked about when she saw this pale pink solution (which oddly looked like yoghurt) going into her hair. It comes in the usual nozzle bottle, over some other ones which come with some kind of comb on the end. Is it just me who finds those ones tricky to apply??

These are the after shots - the dye turned out a bit darker than the box indicates, but that always happens really doesn't it? And within a few washes, it will fade out to the colour it's supposed to be. You can see the shine this stuff gives!! The only complaints I have about Schwarzkopf dyes is that it's really noticeable when it washes out, I'd say you'd need to use a dark towel (or one you don't mind ruining) for about 5 washes afterwards, because it really does still run out! I would totally recommend Schwarzkopf dyes, although I'd say the colour range is quite limited and they seem to specialise in bright colours.

What brand is your favourite dye? What do you think about the new foam dyes on the market?


  1. Hair dye ALWAYS turns out a bit darker than the box shows! I like the color on the box though!

  2. Ooooh thats gorgeous
    i really love it

  3. I used this and it was SO incredibly dark on me :( I love the red hair dye by Schwarzkopf though, i've used it for about 2 years now x

  4. It looks dark but still pretty! I just tried to die my hair "plum" this week, and I miserably failed... post to come!

  5. That's a lovely colour, very shiny :)x

  6. I've been using Schwarzkopf home dyes for a while now and definitely agree about the colour running for quite a few washes after!
    I'm currently sporting Red Passion but am going for Hypnotic Red or Real Red next time - I want it bright!

  7. Try using the John Frieda hair dyes, they're a foam colour and the application is A LOT easier than bottle dyes :)

    That colours looks gorgeous, well done!

    Laura x

  8. i used this exact colour after i DIY'd my hair blonde (big mistake)
    after two days of being yellow/ginger/orange/white at the roots i dragged my boyfriend to asda with me at midnight (no joke) and picked it up!
    i found the colour ran for ages after too - i thought it was because i'd screwed my hair up so badly with how much blonde crap i put on it
    i'm quite glad to hear it wasn't just me, makes me want to give the brand another go :) xx

  9. I think it's so pretty.. Really suits you.. Dont worry it'll get lighter with a few more washes


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