Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Small 17 haul + Boots skincare

Hello ladies,
I hope you're all enjoying your half term if you're currently on one, if not... I hope you're having a great week! Of course, none of my weeks are complete without a voyage to Boots. It's heaven to me? I first went in to pick up some vitamins and noticed that 17 are currently on 3 for 2... I'm a sucker for offers! After I went home, I just couldn't resist going back to pick up a few more bits. These are the bits and bobs I got...

Blusher 'Brickie' £3.49
Mirror Shine lipstick 'Belle' £4.59
Mirror Shine lipstick 'Purple Haze' £4.59

In all honesty, the blusher was just to make up the three items... nothing else was catching my eye and I don't own any 17 blushers, and I've been looking for a dusty pink/brown blush for a while so I thought I'd pick this one up. I love the 17 mirror shine lipsticks, I actually already owned three and I couldn't help myself from picking up 2 more. The one on the left is 'Belle' which is a really pretty natural pink and on the right is 'Purple Haze' a beautiful fuchsia plum, the camera doesn't pick it up but it has a beautiful blue iridescence.

High Gloss nail polish 'Sphinx' £3.49
Lasting Fix nail polish 'Mint Choc Chip' £2.99
Fast Finish nail polish 'Pink Lemonade' £2.99

I've been really loving the look of the Miss Sporty metallic gold shade that many seem to be donning, but I couldn't find it in my local Boots or Superdrug! Instead I decided to pick up 'Sphinx' which is a shimmery golden shade. Last summer 'Mint Choc Chip' was everywhere, and in the lead up to spring/summer I decided I need to have it in my life. 'Pink Lemonade' is a really pretty milky peach shade, I don't think I own anything quite like it.

Foaming Face Wash £3.56
Cleansing and Toning lotion £3.56

My skin has been playing up lately... I think my skincare routine (which I was absolutely loving) had worn off, and it wasn't having the same effect that it once had. I thought I'd go back to basics... The Body Shop tea tree range worked really well for me so I thought I'd try the Boots cheaper alternative. These were also on 2 for £5! Result :) We shall see how it goes...

Have you had a chance to check out the 3 for 2 17 offer? What is your favourite 17 product?


  1. Ooh let us know how those face products work, i've been looking for a new cleanser! Great haul, Pink Lemonade looks like a gorgeous colour! x

  2. The lipsticks look amazing! xo

  3. i have mint choc chip and love it! they have really nice eyeshadows too x

  4. I have Mint Choc Chip, it's lovely! :) Also Sphinx looks amazing, can't wait to maybe see a NOTD with this?! x

  5. I popped in there aswell today:) The blushes did look nice, I had a look at the new eyeshadow palletes though and the quality didnt seem very good. A bit flakey:(
    Would really appreciate if people had a gander at my blog :) x

  6. I like the color of the Mirror Shine lipstick Purple Haze!

  7. Belle looks gorgeous, and those nail polishes, too!

  8. nice lipstick colours! :)

  9. I'm loving mint choc chip and pink lemonade! Stunnng colour + cute name = my kind of nail polish! <3

    Thanks for sharing!


  10. @Christina Marie - Oh I will trial and let you all know :) So far so good though.

    @Chic Geek - Glad you liked them, swatches to come

    @Zoe - Thanks hun :)

    @Emma - I can't wait to wear it! Yeah I have a couple of their shadows and I was pleasantley surprised!

    @Communicatingbeauty - Yup, Sphinx NOTD coming soon :)

    @Chelseyyy - Yeah I found that, I have a trio and a couple of their single eyeshadows... the singles are much better quality!

    @Shiney's Blog - There will be a swatch coming soon so you can get a better idea of the colour :)

    @Joanne Nicola - Doesn't it just? Waiting for the sun now!

    @GABY - Thanks chick <3

    @Queen.OnSet - Happy you liked them :)

    @Chuui - Cute nail polish names draw me in too!


  11. I LOVE boots! :D

  12. I think i need to go and get the pink lemonade colour soon :D
    My favourite boots 17 product is the nail colours lol. i havent worn many of my number 17 nail polishes yet.


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