Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Bit of a haul

So I've got a bit of a haul for you guys :) Nothing exciting really, I needed to pick up some essentials.

So first I went into Primark...
These are just plain bwhite & black, long sleeve t-shirts.
Picked these up to use for layering at £3 each.

Plain strappy vest tops in grey and nude. Once again... for layering.
I'm thinking of going to get one in every colour
£1.50 each... can anyone say bargain?!?!

One of these jumpers featured in my last haul (grey), I bought another one in navy.
They're just so versatile and easy to wear! £9.00

A black quilted bag, leopard print inside, gorge!
Chain detail straps. £7

Then I headed over to Topshop...
Another baggy jumper, I know... but I love them!
A nice nudey, pale pink. £25

Popped into Dorothy Perkins...
They had loaaaads of different socks... 3 for £5
The London ones are my fave!

The smell of The Body Shop inticed me...
Peach & Strawberry. The peach one is thick, but strawberry is thicker.
The peach was reduced to £5 and the strawberry stayed at £12.50.
Oh and does anyone else hate it when the butter is all to one side? Gr!

Needed some more shampoo, Superdrug was needed...
My hair has been really flat lately, so I picked up these.
I normally stay away from TRESemmé, I don't know why.
I can't for the life of my remember how much they were... around £4 I think.
I also picked up some things for my giveaway, whilst I was in there! ;)

Debenhams was calling...
I picked up this Benefit creaseless cream in 'bunny hop'.
I wanted 'my date's my brother' but they didn't have one.
This is a great base and alone looks beautiful too, a lovely pink sheen.
This was £14

Couldn't resist accessorize...
Beautiful little gold, rose studs, £3.
They also had these in cream and bigger versions in light pink and red for £6.

So that's the end of my haul, nothing too exciting, I'm sorry!


  1. Nice haul, love the things you got :)
    ahh the primark vests are such a bargain, i'v got so many of them! lol

  2. @BarbiesGlitter - they're such a bargain! defs going to go back and get them in every colour, lol!

    @Mia - thank you, so much!


  3. PRIMARK <3 aha i swear i'd need a huuuuuge overdraft and wear the same clothes every week if it wasn't around for staple pieces x

  4. totally agree with the body butters! its so annoying!! by the way I ordered a benefit creasless cream in RSVP and I got it off for just £6.95 or something then 95p for p&p so you save so much money! They are genuine aswell LOL - they had bunny hop aswell i think! Sorry if you already know this haha; Kirsty x

  5. @Kirsty - Well at least it's not only me that it really annoys, lol! Ooooh no I didn't know that, thank you so much Kirsty! definitley going to go on that website now :D xoxo

  6. Love the sockies :)

    I have given you a award lovey!

  7. i love primark!! i have the black long sleeved top woo! xxx

  8. @Lauren - Thank you!! xoxo

    @Dani - I know... it's not the most ideal place to shop, but the bargains are just TOO good to miss! xoxo

  9. Love the topshop jumperrrr :]


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