Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Seven things

Aaah! I've just been awarded my 3rd award by Lauren who has the most amazing blog and I am ordering you to go and follow her, because honestly - I love to read her blog!

So the rules are...
State 7 facts about yourself, and then tag 7 others.

FACT #1- I'm a bit of an organisation/neat freak. I love for things to look pretty and for stuff to be organised. I also have moments of madness where I will clean everything, and anything in sight... much to my boyfriend's delight as his flat is a tip, lol!
FACT #2 - When I leave college (which hopefully will be next year if my results are good enough), I want to go to uni and do a Midwifery course. I really want to be a midwife, I love babies and pregnancy just amazes me completley. It seems like it is a super rewarding job that I could never get bored of.
FACT #3 - I'm one of those strange people that seem to keep hold of the boxes to everything! I have no idea why. I have a box somewhere... full of boxes (MAC and the likes) - ha! Crazy I know.
FACT #4 - I have 4 neices and 2 nephews, with another little nephew on the way! So yep, I'm going to be an Auntie for the 7th time over in March. I'm so excited, I love being an Auntie... like I said before, I love children. The eldest is my neice Chloe, who is 13 (in a week) although we're more like sisters :)
FACT #5 - I watch hollyoaks religiously. I love it, big time. I especially love how they tackle real problems and raise awareness... such as Hannah having an eating disorder, Malachy being HIV positive and Newt having schizophrenia.
FACT #6 - Just like hollyoaks, I read Heat magazine every week. I love their fashion pages, their gossip pages and some of the things they write... just make me chuckle.
FACT #7 - I take photos all of the time. I'll always be the first to be whipping out my camera phone to take a picture, lol!

Here are the seven lovely people I'm passing this award onto:



  1. Awhhh thank you :D
    I'll do it once iv done my nails... :)


  2. Thanks for the award natalie, my second one! YAY lol :)

  3. @All of you - no probs! :D xoxo

  4. i want to go to uni to do midwifery too, completely agree with you; how it's rewarding and that :) great blog! xoxo

  5. Hey, thank you so much for the award. This one looks really fun!!
    I am so with you on #3. I dont know what it is but i feel copelled to keep all the boxes i have!!

  6. @Tara - I'm so excited to do the course! & Thank you xoxo

    @Jordan - It's not prob :) Haha well at least now I know I'm not alone! xoxo

  7. I think it's great that you want to go on to study midwifery. I totally understand how rewarding this profession must be.

    So, you like hoarding boxes? Ha ha! Me too! :D


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