Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Lucky chinese tag!

Hello girlies,
I've just been tagged by the gorgeous Naomi... so I better get started :)

8 TV shows I watch...
1- Friends <3 my actual life ;)
2- Hollyoaks
3- Big Brother
4- The Hills
5 - Keeping up with the Kardashians
6- Skins
7- Eastenders
8- Jeremy Kyle
This was actually quite difficult because there aren't very many shows that I watch religiously

8 Favourite places to eat...
1- Nando's
2- Donatello's
3- Frankie and Benny's
4- Woodies Diner
5- Miller and Carter's
6- Jamie's
7- The Harvester
8 - Subway... it has to be said! Lol

8 Things I look forward to...
1- Starting driving lessons
2- Having my first bubba
3- Living with Dean
4- My new little neice being born
5- Going on holidays
6- Parcels in the post
7- Finishing college
8- Turning 18!

8 Things that happened yesterday...
1- Went for lunch with some friends
2- Had a LUSH bath
3- Missed seeing my boyfriend
4- Looked for a dress to wear to a wedding (no luck!!)
5- Had cuddles with my cat <3
6- Read blogs
7- Used my Davina Fit DVD for the first time
8- Went to bed laaaaate

8 Things I love about winter...
1- The snow... I know - controversial! ;)
2- Being all cosy indoors
3- Christmas
4- Lots of cuddles
5- Hot choc and marshmallows!
6- Everyone is usually so happy
7- Sound of rain on umbrellas
8- UGGS!

8 Things on my wishlist...
1- MAC Gingerly blush
2- MAC Angel lipstick
3- MAC Hue lipstick
4- Links of London charm bracelet
5- Alice in Wonderlead BoS
6- Benefit Creaseless Cream in stiletto
7- MAC Pink Swoon blush
8- LUSH cupcake

8 Things I'm passionate about...
1- Charities that help poverty/animals/hunger & thirst
2- Bringing an end to racism
3- Make up
4- Family and my boyfriend
5- Reading
6- Learning
7- Animals
8- Cleaning and organisation, lmao!

8 Words or phrases I use alot...
1- Generally laughing, lol
2- Loser
3- I crack myself up (I don't crack up anyone else though lol)
4- You love my really
5- Abbreviating my words... I do this ALL the time
6- Whatevs
7- Whaaaaaat?
8- Pfft

8 Things I've learnt from the past
1- You have to make mistakes in order to better yourself
2- Don't judge on first impressions
3- Never put a knife in the toaster, lmao!!
4- Always say sorry when you know you're wrong
5- Don't be so stubborn... be open to ideas
6- Enjoy life whilst it's here!!
7- Don't let anybody pressure you into something
8- Always do what you feel is right

8 Places I would love to visit...
2- Bahamas
3- Egypt
4- Canada
5- Tokyo
6- South Pole
7- Jamaica
8- Beverly Hills

8 Things I want or need...
1- More Revlon Colorstay
2- A job
3- Lunch
4- Powder
5- My provisional license
6- Trip to the hairdressers for a trim
7- A dress to wear to an upcoming wedding (argh!)
8- Some more photo frames

8 Bloggers I'm tagging...
(sorry if you've already done this, I'm rubbish at keeping up with tags and for some reason it stopped letting me comment on other people's blogs so I can't let you know either... rubbish!!)
1- Tabitha
2- Lorien
3- Libby
4- Erica
5- Laura Jaye
6- Lauren
7- Kelly
8- Shannon

Have a nice day guys!


  1. Aww yay :) This looks like a fun one!!! Thanks for tagging moi!

    Ah my god. I love LOVE Skins.. Seriously, obsessed. Even though it has that creepy about a boy kid in it.. "Tony"!!! Hes so weird looking! But sometimes when Im watching skins, Im like hes hot.. I think it's the character he plays.. WEIRD

    I love Cassie :) and Sid! I dont like the curly hair girl.. Michelle.. Love the Twins! hate Effy, she's so over rated lol in a "Im Jealous Cos Shes Tiny" sorta way.

    :) x

  2. Thankyou for the tag hun!
    Mmm hot chocolate and marshmallows!! yes purlease!!!! xx

  3. Thanks for taking me hun! I like this tag!

  4. thank youuu :)
    i'll do it tomorrow :) xxxxx


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