Monday, 11 January 2010

What's in my bag?

I love, love, love reading these posts when other people do them (mainly because I'm so nosey) so I thought I'd have a go too!

I've been using this bag fior about a week (Primark, £7)... I'm not very neat when it comes to my bag, I just chuck everything in there, so I can never find anything lmao, which kind of defeats the point, ah well. As you'll see... I carry around a lot of crap.

Here is my bag and a peek inside.

Here are my contents sprawled over my bed, I know there's a lot!

My iPod touch, my Samsung Tocco.
2 umbrellas because they always break on me!
And a pair of gloves/mittens :D

A notebook I write what blogs I want to do etc.
A black, red, blue and permanent pen, pack of 4 highlighters,
memory stick and scissors (no idea what they're doing there)
Hairbrush with hairbands tied round the handle,
my purse and Dean's anniversary bracelet (he wants links removed)

Make up bag, tamps, paracetemol, hand gel, hand cream.
In my make up bag: powder, concealer, lipstick, 3 eyeliners,
carmex, bobby pins, powder brush, emery board.

3 Keys, thorpe park photo keyring, inital keyring,
memory stick, pudsey keyring, turtle keyring from Zante.

So that's what's in my bag! Not very exciting at all! But hey, I like reading these posts so maybe someone out there will want to read this! Ha.


  1. i love these posts! i have the same hand cream as you lol (:,X

  2. I love these posts too! I just interesting to know what other girls carry. Might have to do this soon on my blog x

  3. your bag is very cute, i love the lining.
    & how do you like the rimmel mascara?

  4. @holly - Aah good ole' vaseline! Lol

    @Kelly - Yeah you should! These posts are great fun to read

    @Lexi - Aw thank you... the £7 was well worth it! Hehe. Um, I LOVE that mascara; have you tried it out?


  5. I love these posts!
    I might do one for what's in my makeup bag

  6. Good idea carrying 2 umbrellas, they always break at the worst times.
    Love that bag too! xo

  7. awwwwwwwwwww the purse is gorgeous

  8. Ive recently done a post on whats in my make up bag and im gonna do a whats in my bag soon cus im dead nosey too hehe

  9. i love reading these posts :)
    i love your pudsey keyring
    1 new follower :)

  10. @Sawah89 - Ohh can't wait for that post lol... what are we like ey? Nosey lot, lol.

    @Cherub Cheeks - Thank you for following chick!


  11. I love posts like this!
    I'm following you almost pretty much for that haha
    Sylvie xx

  12. @Sylves - Haha! Well thank you for following; I hope some of my other posts will interest you :) xoxo

  13. I've got one of these posts lined up in a few days too! You do however carry alot more than me! lol x

  14. These posts are my favourites :) Usuallys everyone elses bags are so mucn more organized than my own lol
    I know this is simple, but the whole tying hairbands around your hair bursh is a good idea lol :) Thanks for the tip :P

  15. I have that bag =) I don't use it to often though because I always end up routing about for things! I love this post though, I might do one soon! xx

  16. haha lots and lots of stuff! but there's everything you need packed up in a cute little bag >_<
    i love the bag too! x

  17. This is a great post.
    Your purse is so cute and iguess the purpose of a purse is just to chuck all your crap in there so you can carry everything you need.
    your keys are SOOOO cute


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