Sunday, 17 January 2010

Elf swatches and review

Hey guys!
So, swatches of the two mineral lipsticks I ordered from Elf have been requested, and of course, I'm more than happy to do them. After all, the whole reason I started this blog was to fulfil requests and share products with you!

Elf mineral lipsticks, £3.50 each
As you can see... 'nicely nude' isn't nicely nude at all lol, it's more of a hot pink. But I'm not too fussed as it's still a pretty colour. I thought when I swatched these on my hand they were the other way round... but nope. So be careful because on the Elf website the colours and names are deceptive.

I'm really impressed with these lipsticks - especially for the price! The formula is really creamy, goes on smooth, pigmented have a nice sheen. I did find them a bit drying though (as I find most lipsticks are). I really recommend these, there's a variety of colours and they're good quality also.

Elf eyebrow kit, £3.50
My eyebrow kit is in medium. You can get light, medium or dark. The darker side is wax and the lighter side is a powder. First off, I really like the packaging. It's slim and can fit nicely in your make-up bag and it's really quite NARSesque!

The kit comes with this mini, double ended brush. The angled side for the wax, and the other for the powder.

I do like this kit, however from using it I've realised that I prefer using pencils, I just don't think wax is for me really. I found that it was quite hard to pick up any wax product... I don't know if this is the wax itself, or the brush. I also only use the wax because using the powder along with the wax made my eyebrows really dark.

It's really easy to use, the angled brush is perfect for filling in eyebrows. The wax holds up really well all day, and it doesn't give your eyebrows that weird hard, crunchy effect. If you're a fan of using wax for your eyebrows this is a great buy! I will carry on using this, but I would dsay I prefer using a pencil, simply because I find it quicker. Maybe I'm just stuck in my ways lol. I really do like this, I think it's a fab buy for £3.50!! I'll just put some swatches for you guys below.

If you have any other questions, pop a comment below! :)


  1. I have Nicely Nude and love it, such an easy everyday lip colour! I need to order more of their lipsticks. Thanks for the swatches :)

  2. would you recoment this eyebrown kit? iv been thinking of getting it in light but i wasnt too sure, i herd its really dark. x

  3. I really like Elf products, I love thier studio collection brushes, false eyelashes and the eyebrow kit. The packaging reminds me or Nars :)
    Affordable and good quality xx

  4. @hello.sailor - Yeah I recommend it :) it is a bit dark when you use the two toegther. But if you just use one of the two it should be okay, well that's what I find anyways. Let me know if you purchase & what you think :) xoxo

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  6. I got the nicely nude colour through the other day and agree that it's not 'nude' but still love it! I love the texture :-)


  7. thank you for these, think I'll definitely be getting the pouty petal, looks gorgeous! xo

  8. Thanks for the swatches and review! Wow, medium comes out really dark. Funny though cause the eyebrow treat & tame in medium is supposedly light!

  9. @e.motion in motion - Bit strange! I was really light handed as well! Especially with the wax! xoxo

  10. thanks for the swatches ! I've bought items from elf before but never tried their mineral line !

  11. do you use medium or dark in eyebrow kit?

  12. @Ruthie - Mine is in the shade Medium :)



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