Friday, 29 January 2010

Kristin Cavallari

Hola chicas!
So I don't know if you're all aware but ASOS send out a magazine near the end of every month... I love flicking through the pages and looking at all the pretty pictures! They usually have a celebrity feature and this month it was Kristin Cavallari... I don't really like her from watching The Hills, she's a bit of a bitch - but I've gotta give her credit. She is unbelievably gorgeous and like most of The Hills girls... has an amazing wardrobe! I thought the photo's were stunning. You can find them on the ASOS website too, but I thought I'd post a few anyway to add to this complete ramble, lol.

Who's your fave on The Hills? Kristin - love her or hate her?


  1. I was reading somewhere about which makeup products were used on her face in this shoot!

    She uses Makeup Forever faceand body foundation, and I forgot all the rest!

    My favourite is Heidi lol I just find she's more relateable then the rest!!
    I love Lo too! She's funny! Audrina is hot, but she's SO DUMB, and her eyes make her look even dumber lol there's something bout them! Her sister has the same dumb looking eyes too...

    I HATE Lauren... But I wont get into that lol

  2. To be honest, I don't think that kristin is really beautiful. For me, she's just ok :/

  3. @Lorien - It sounds weird to say someone has 'dumb eyes' but I totally know what you mean! You'd have to be dumb to keep going back to Justin Bobby!!! You hate Lauren?!?!?!?! :O

    @Carine - Oh really? I think it's her jawline and her hair that makes me think she's so pretty! Lol. Just aswell everyone has different opinions otherwise life would be very boring! Ha!


  4. I agree she is really stunning but she isn't anything like she protrays herself to be on The Hills she is such a lovely girl :)

    I don't really have a favourite character on the show but i do like Audrina she is simply stunning & she ouzes style

  5. Kristen ruined the hills lol, i have stopped watching it. she look pretty in these pictures thoguh :) x

  6. Hellooo,

    I love the last picture, so beautiful!

    Don't forget to follow back, if your not already & also enter my competition to win 2 tickets to beauty UK show :)

    Lots of love,

  7. Ahh I got this through the post too and I agree she looks stunning! But I hate her in The Hills! My fave is Heidi but now she's had this plastic surgery she just freaks me out! I quite like Lo and Stephanie too :)
    Love the blog!

  8. Audrina all the way!! wooooo shes so pretty, well they all are! xx


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