Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Saving the pennies

Hello lovelies :)
There won't be any hauls for a while because I'm trying to save for something that I've wanted for ages, and it's just got to the point where I cannot wait, lol. What I'm saving for is a Links of London sweetie charm bracelet...

This is the gorgeous bracelet, it comes in sizes small, medium and large. I'm sure you've all seen them before and are aware of what they are, but for those who don't - it's basically a fun version of a charm bracelet. You buy the bracelet like this and you buy you're own charms. The charms range from a whole variety of prices from £35 and upwards. Here are some of the charms I love:

Anybody got one of these? What charms do you have - what do they mean to you?


  1. omg i have wanted this for like 2 years, but I never got to spend the 98 pnds on it... is it still that price? Im going to london in the summer... so I guess if I save up, ill buy it, since no one else will have one in lithuania :)
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  2. I don't have any of these, but it looks good !

  3. Hi hun,

    I have this bracelet and the charms i have are:
    S - which is my initital
    J - which is my boyfriends initial
    Love heart - which came with my bracelet that my boyfriend bought me
    A handbag charm - my mum bought me this as i love handbags
    A starfish charm - just because its cute!

    :) xx

  4. @brightshimmer8 - On the website they're £110, so I'm guessing they've gone up... typical! Lol.

    @Sinead - That's a really sweet idea having your boyfriend's initial too :)


  5. Lovely blog. I love those studded shoe boots! gorg! :)
    Fab blog.
    Milly xxx mwah xxx


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