Sunday, 10 January 2010


I haven't been in LUSH for ages. But with so many hauls and reviews going around at the moment, I re-discovered my absolute love for LUSH products. I dragged my boyfriend along (the poor sod) and when we walked he said 'Cor blimey it stinks in here. I couldn't bare to work here'... I'm the complete opposite. I enjoy the overwhelming scent when you first walk it. It's part of the thrill, right?! Plus the super, super sweet ladies that work in there!

Well anyway, my LUSH are still doing the spend £20 get a free goody bag or gift set thing. It was tempting to spend £40 but you know, Dean reigned me in and told me it would be silly to spend £40 on soap. I suppose he's right? As much as I hate to admit it, lol.

So here are the things I actually bought...
Mask of Magnaminty - £4.25
I don't have a picture of this because Dean picked it out to try.
Yay for getting him interested in LUSH!

Grease Lightning - £5.10 (spot treatment)
So excited to use this! Heard only good things.
I'll do a review if anybody wants it?

Sweetie Soap Stack - £7.95
This comes with I Should Coco, Rockstar and Honey I Washed The Kids soaps.
Rockstar is my fave, they all smell delish!!

The Comforter - £3.95
My favourite LUSH item of all time!
It smells incredible.

And here are the things I got for free...
I have no idea what this is called
Any help?? Not sure on this smell at all

Supernova bath bomb (usually £2.95)
I'm intruiged to see what happens with the imbedded bits

I also don't know what this is, lol.

I thought this was Ice Blue bit it seems a bit darker...?

2 Big Blue bath bombs (normally £2.95 each)

Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds bath melt (usually £3.95)
The brother of the comforter, also gorgeous smelling!

Snow Fairy solid perfume (normally £5.10)
This is one of the best smells... in the world!
Unfortunately my LUSH were out of snow fairy shower gels, boo!

So when they said goody bag I thought they meant 2/3 bits... not all this lot! I'm in heaven!!


  1. the soap is probably father frost, your right its too dark to be ice blue.

  2. The Lush goodie bags have been brilliant - really wish they did this more often!
    Im looking forward to the valentines products too :)

  3. @Obsessed.Makeup.Addict - Ahh thanks! I had no idea... I looked on the website but obviously they've taken the seasonal things off now. Thank you :)

    @Caz - I know! They're full to the brim! Well worth spending £20+ Yup I'll defs be popping in, in Feb!


  4. Hello :) yess let us know what you think of grease lightining xx

  5. I LOVE mask of magnamity, definitely one of my favourite Lush products.

    Love your blog background x

  6. i know what you mean about the Lush goodie bags ... there great! i love the comforter bar .. i usually break mine up so it last 3/4 baths :) also ive got the bath bomb Supernova .. but not used it yet ... cant wait to see what colour my bath water goes! xxx

  7. I did a review with the supernova
    the embedded bits are just paper and go slimey
    mine stuck to me and then to the bath

    but it smells gorgeous
    i cant decide.. xxxx

  8. @Stacey - It seems like such a waste to only cut it in half... I want to savour the smell so like you'll I'll cut it into 4 bits, lol!

    @Laura - Haha! I'll go check your review out for sure.


  9. oh I have the snow fairy solid perfume, it's amazing :D
    good buys doll x

  10. oooh, I'm super jealous. Lush in the US is mega pricey, but when I'm back in the UK in a couple of weeks I'm going to do a major haul :)

  11. @scarlettholly - Yeah I realised that when reading American blogs or watching youtube videos... I don't know why it's more expensive? Especially when most things are cheaper in the US! Lol, strange! xoxo


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