Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Grease lightning, go grease lightning!!

Hello my beautifuls,
I know everyone's getting bored of LUSH because of all the reviews and hauls around, but I did have a couple requests to say how this works, and how well. And even if you're bored of all the bubble bars and things... this might be a skincare product that could really help you out or something that you're interested in. This is the Grease Lightning spot treatment from LUSH. You get 45g of product... which doesn't sound a lot but trust me - a little goes a looong way. It retails at £5.10

LUSH says: Thyme for tea tree! Brand new, super effective spot zapping face gel, aloe and witch hazel. The thyme, tea tree and rosemary antibacterial infusion dries invisibly and you can feel the witch hazel shrinking mini-volcanoes. Go, Grease Lightning, you can now feel confident enough to rule the school. Or office.

This is an amazing product, seriously I don't think I could go without it anymore! Basically it's a gel, well no... it's a bit too liquidy to be a gel - but you get what I mean. I put one pump on a clean finger after I've already cleansed and toned at night time. I gently massage a bit onto any spots I have, then i go to bed. It has a very slight tea tree scent, but you really can't smell it clearly. In the morning, the spot has either gone completley or gone down but about 70%. It's brilliant!! It's better than any spot treatment I've ever used, it really works. I find it also tones down redness too. I can't praise this product highly enough, I really love it. It's going to be in my skincare routine for a long time!

What have been your experiences with this product?


  1. Ooooh, this sounds like something i need!
    When i have a spot, i put sudocreme on it, but it just drys the 'puss' out lmao
    I'll think i'll have to get this!!


  2. @Abbie - I used sudocreme before this aswell lol, but this is so much better... really do recommend it :) xoxo

  3. I use sudocrem to! & It just makes it go really dry! So I cant wait to try this! XO

  4. This sounds like something i really want. I am so going to try this!!! It sounds amazing. thanks for the review.

  5. That sound like a gretat products! I'm quite lucky as I rarley get a spot, but if I do I may just turn to this. Thanks for the review :)

  6. I've been wanting to try this :O! Is it like the face masks and it goes out of date after a few weeks or can you keep it for as long as you want :)? xxx

  7. @Steph - You can keep it as long as you like :) xoxo

  8. I love lush hauls!!! I really want to get friend picked some up 2 weeks ago and she swears by it!!! I am really excited to get this :)

  9. Ohh, thanks for the review! :) I was contemplating whether to get this or not, but you've definitely won me over. Great post. xxx


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