Friday, 8 January 2010

You're a doll!

I'm super excited to be recieving my 4th award from the lovely! She seriously has an amazing blog, if you're not following already... why?!?! Go follow!

You're a doll!
You have to think of character in a film/book that you think you're most like.

The rules of this award really amused me, and it was actually really difficult! I racked my brains for ages, and I came up with the conclusion that I'm most like Monica from friends. The fact that I am a bit of a control freak, and I am neat freak... I love the idea of the fairtytale ending with marriage and kids, and I'm also always trying to please people.

So I tag all of my followers to do this! I know this is the lazy option, but I really just thought this award was so fun and interesting to do! So everyone do it please :) I'd love to read who you're most liek!


  1. aww congrats. i've been given this award too, racked my brains and i can't think of who i am most like!!

  2. @tenxx - Oh congratulations also! I know it's so difficult! Lol xoxo


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