Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Tiny haul

I'm trying to cut down on spending this year... because next year will be quite a money-grabber for me! But once I have a certain ammount saved, I'll treat myself to some beauty products. So hauls might be a bit scarce from now on :)

I just popped to town on monday and picked up some essentials as well as some goodies for myself. So here it comes...

Started off in Superdrug...
Aussie leave-in conditioner - reduced to £2
Was excited to use this until I got home to find the spray top had broken :( and now it just comes out in dribbles. But hey, still useable. Has anyone got any tips/tricks on how to revive a spray top?
Carmex cherry - £2.49
I was running out of carmex and that's not good news. I picked up cherry for a change... it smells just like cherry bakewells. But to be honest, it can get quite sickly and I would probably go back to original.

St Ives apricot scrub - £4.29
I've been without my beloved St Ives for about a week as I finished it off, so I had to get another. They've changed the bottle since I had mine... It still has the same ammount of product though, as far as I'm aware. If you haven't tried this, then you definitley should... I live by it.
Neutrogena - Visibly clear 2-in-1 wash & mask
I've seen amazing reviews from youtube guru's and bloggers and it's about time I gave it a try. I've used this since monday in the morning in replace of cleanser and toner because my skin care was suffering because I just couldn't be bothered with both cleanser and toner in the morning. And really, how much bacteria can get on your face whilst you sleep?! So yeah, I'll let you know how this works for me.

It was time for some more MAC...
Sheertone blush in Breath of Plum - £16.50
The website describes this is as 'lightly flavoured plum'. It does look a bit scary in the pan but if you're light handed it gives a really pretty light plum colour. I'm liking this for winter!

Cremesheen lipstick in Shy Girl - £12.50
The website describes this as 'creamy neutral beige' which is pretty spot on. It's not quite a nude because of the coral. It's a really nice shade, I wasn't sure when I looked in the tube. But I like it a lot. I would've done swatches for both of these... but because of the crappy weather and the crappy lighting in my house it wouldn't have shown them true to colour.

I've been looking for drawers for ages, and I saw these! So okay, I didn't get these in town. My dad has an office equipment catalogue and these were in there. 5 drawers, about 4 1/2 cms and are made to fit A4 paper... so they're pretty long! Which is great. I think these were £20-£30 from a place called euroffice. They're not the prettiest of drawers, but I think they're quite sleek :)



  1. I so want MACs lipstick in Shy Girl!!! I have to try and find Hue first though.. St Ives is a way good product :) Makes my skin feel so soft.. But I think Im gonna switch back to my Jurlique Daily Exfoliate, cos St Ives is a tad scratchy, and I have sensitive skin :)
    Im so jealous that people in the UK and US get Aussie products, but us Australian girls dont! lol makes no sense.. They should change the name!! x

  2. "I feel an oxycodone blog sale coming on ;)" LOL :P Ill definitely post more pics :) I just cleaned my nose and the bandage thingo, so no more blood, atleast till the morning :) The final results will be up in a week! Fingers crossed, ah! x
    Ps. Thanks for the support :)

  3. @Lorien - If you can get your hands of Shy Girl, definitley do! It's a great shade. Aussie aren't sold in Australia?? That's just not right!!! Lol.

    Oh a week! That's alot quicker than I would've thought. Congrats on the op by the way, bet you're really excited about it! :D xoxo

  4. Ohhh love the look on that blush
    I need a new set of draws !! I've got a wooden one from Ikea, but I think I need a new one


  5. i love everything you got, i've been looking for drawers like that for ages!(:,X

  6. Looking forward to hearing what you think of the Neutrogena wash/mask - i've been wanting to try it for a while

  7. I love the Neutrogena 2 in 1 face wash and mask. It smells gorgeous! Nice choice of lipstick, I've been wanting that for a while!

    Great Haul :)

  8. omg netrogen 2 in 1 is veryy good :)
    it makes your face reall refreashed and smells amazing :L

  9. yeah Aussie isn't sold in Australia, it's so strange! I really want to try it to because everyone goes on about it :D

    nice haul ! x

  10. I have the aussie lucious long leave in conditionner and I adore it! I have the carmex too and omg it's also amazing !!
    Nice haul



  11. for the nozzle, soak it in hot water that usually unclogs it. or you can just switch spray tops from something else.

  12. @TehrenAnaiis - Ahh thanks for the tip! I'll give it a go :) xoxo

  13. Oh, I so need drawers like those! It must now be very handy for your to keep your makeup all organised.

    I used to use Neutrogena's Visiby Clear Oil-Free Moisturiser. It's a great product. Pity I'm out of it and I can't get it over here. :(

  14. Those drawers look great - really sleek as you said.


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