Friday, 15 January 2010

Elf Haul

Hi guys!
This is my first time purchasing any Elf products, so I'm pretty excited & sceptical about how they're going to be. You have to wonder why they're so cheap... but hey, I'm open minded! I got a couple of brushes, lipsticks, eyebrow kit and a make up bag. Here are the things I bought :) If you'd like any info/reviews on these products just leave a comment below :D

Eyeshadow brush £1.50
I couldn't really go wrong for £1.50. It's pretty soft, and dense enough to pack on colour.

Blending brush £.150
This is really similar to the previous, but the bristles are longer and in a dome/tapered shape. I just wish the packaging was a bit less cheap looking...

Contour brush (studio collection) - £3.50
I like the packaging of these brushes much more. And this is super soft compared to the others. I'm thinking this will be great for outer v's and crease colours.

Complexion brush (studio collection) - £3.50
This is a really soft brush, and it's kind of flat if you know what I mean?

Eyebrow kit in medium - £3.50
The darker colour is a wax and the lighter colour is a setting powder. To be honest, I'm not really sure how well this is going to work.

Nicely Nude (left) & Pouty Petal (right) miner lipstick - £3.50
These are suprisingly creamy. Nicely nude isn't really a nude, but is a very pretty pale pink colour. Pouty Petal is a bit darker and brighter. I'm so impressed with the formula of these!

Organizer make-up bag in Bronze - £10.00
I did actually want another one, but it was out of stock. So it has a normal make-up bag that is inside a kind of roll. On one side is pouches for brushes (which I was looking for) and on the other side is a mesh pouch. It's a really soft fake-leather kind of thing.

So like I said, this is my first time with Elf and I'm actually really impressed! The quality is much higher than I was expecting and the shipping was mega fast. I ordered on wednesday afternoon (12.30ish) and the package came the next day on the thursday morning (11ish). What are you experiences with Elf? Do you like it... do you not?

Last thing - sorry for the horrible quality pictures... but a camera is in the post on it's way to me so, hopefully that will be much better!


  1. lovely haul =). I'm still waiting for my items to arrive since like 29th december =/. not impressed =(. X

  2. Nice haul (: I have various rants and raves about ELF on my blog XD First, they really sucked but now I think they're a lot better. The eyeshadow brush is one of my favs! Funny, my bristles seem a lot shorter than yours though! Another of my favs is their Studio Concealer brush. Thanks for the heads up on the complexion brush, I was interested in it but now that I know it's kinda flat, I'll pass!

    Could you do a review on the eyebrow kit, and swatches of the lipstick? (:

  3. Nice haul :). The eyeshadow/blending brush is really good, definitely a bargain.
    Could you do a review on the eyebrow kit please?

  4. I really like the studio brushes & their mineral lipsticks are lovely. I really like the look of pouty petal, could you do a swatch of that if possible lovely? xo

  5. I like ELF - I have the complexion brush which I use everyday :) I was thinking of ordering some of the £1.50 brushes as they look good for the price. I also have the eyebrow kit in medium - its ok, I often only use the wax as the powder makes them look really dark!

  6. All the brushes you bright I have. My favourite out of the four is the complexion brush, it's great for applying MSF's!

  7. Id like to see a review :) quite a few people are sayin that they are tryin them out and for the price if they are good products i might try them out too xx

  8. I really need to get my butt in gear and order some ELF stuff ive wanted to like way before christmas, but everytime im reminded i have no money in the bank :/
    I'll be getting paid at the end of the month so hopefully i'll get some then !

    Will you do a review of the eyebrow kit please gorgeous :) ?


  9. I’ve nominated you for an award on my blog lovely :) xx

  10. Wow, I love all the stuff that you got. The makeup bag looks cool. I'm impressed with how fast they shipped the products to you! :)

  11. For everyone who wanted swatches and a review, I've just put a post up. Hope it's useful! xoxo

  12. Great haul! The NIcely Nude lipstick looks beautiful!!
    I wish we had Elf in Australia!!


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