Thursday, 28 January 2010

If only...

Hey guys :)
Doesn't it always seem to go that when you're trying to save money... there are a million and one things that you really want?! So instead of ruining my bid to save some money, I compiled another wishlist to share with you guys, lol! I was going to do a make up look but I feel a bit blaaah. I hope the lottery picks my numbers this weekend!!!

I always love reading these sorts of posts... I think it gives you an insight to someone's style and all that jazz, so hopefully you guys enjoy them too! Lol. Here it is *PICTURE HEAVY POST*...

ASOS Floral Bandeau - £18

BOOHOO Studded Shoe Boot - £30

BOOHOO Floral Scarf - £8

DOROTHY PERKINS Vintage Pearl Ring - £8

OPI Can You Tapas This & Barefoot in Barcelona (Spain collec) £9.95 each
OPI Parlez-Vous & Tickle My France-Y (France collec) £9.95 each

JUKUPOP Alice in Wonderland Tee - £24.99

WH SMITH A Hopeless Romantic - £5.91

WH SMITH The Truth About Melody Browne - £5.19

What are you wanting at the moment? You trying to save? Or are you on a bit of a spending spree?


  1. I've just started reading a book by Harriet Evans, "Love Of Her Life" I think it's called.
    Definately want to get some more of her books!
    I love that Dorothy Perkins ring too :)

    I'm on a bit of a spending ban at the moment. I'm trying to save all my money for a car and insurance and all that jazz, so I tend to make a wishlist and then get really depressed because i can't afford anything haha.

    Love your blog!

  2. I lovee the ASOS Floral Bandeau :) x

  3. @Emily - Yeah I've read that book which is why I'm really into harriet evans now, I loveeee that book! I know what you mean about feeling depressed about making wishlists... but then I just look at previous ones and think 'well i lived without that'... lol! xoxo

  4. Well my wages are monthly and i get £30 a week
    so iv asked for my wages to go direcly into my savings account
    So hopefulllyyyyy it will grow :)

    good luck with saving :) xxx

  5. I'm trying to save's just so hard !

  6. Okay i loved the floral top so much that i bought it lastnight.... :D

    great post lovely!

    Do you have twitter? xx

  7. I love the clothes you have picked :)

  8. Seems like we're all saving!

    @abbzzw - ooh great you can be my guniea pig ;) let me know if it lives up to itself when it arrives! :) and no sorry, I don't have twitter.


  9. I have the floral asos top!!! I have worn it like once! do you want it? Its a size 8 I will send it to you if you like!!:)

  10. i have a pair of those boots but from select. exactly the same design but grey and a thinner heel and also a big difference.. only cost £7.50!!


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