Tuesday, 12 January 2010

What I'm lustin' over...

Just a little list I put together of things I'm really, really wanting... but refraining from buying because I don't want to 'impulse buy'.

#1 Estee Lauder - Double Wear foundation
I want to try this foundation soooo much! Been wanting it for ages and I think I'm going to finally take the plunge and splurge £24.50 on it. Crazyness! I've heard so many good reviews so I know it won't dissapoint - well that's what I'm hoping anyway!

#2 ASOS - Woven Skater skirt
I think this is a really pretty, feminine skirt that would work with black tights for winter and alone in the spring/summer. It's really simple but it grabbed me :) It's £20.

#3 Coastal Scents - 88 palette
Well, it's about time I got this really. I've wanted it since... July time but I just keep getting distracted by other products! I'm a bit dubious about whether this would actually come in the post in one peice. Has anyone got any bad postal experiences they had with this? I just think this is essential to have - it has any colour you could think of basically.

#4 Benefit - Powderazzi
Okay, so I just love this - I think all the colours are beautiful. So, whats the point in buying them all seperately when you can have this beauty? At the moment it's been reduced from £25 to £16.66 on the Benefit website... so I think I'm going to have to hurry if I want to pick one up!

#5 LaSenza - Sea vest and short set
How cute is this pj set?!?! I love nautical trends I just think it's so cute and pretty. These are only £16!

#6 Miss Selfridge - Rose and Bow studs
Love at first sight - I have to have these. Roses and bows, hello?! Gorge! These come together for £5!!

#7 Jukupop - Konichiwa & Bonjour t-shirts
I love both of these t-shirts...although I would probably sway more towards the Konichiwa one if I had to choose. The grey t-shirt has been reduced from £24.99 to £19.99 and the red one has been reduced from £24.99 to £14.99!

What are you guys lusting over?


  1. oh I love this post =) You'll have to let us no if you pick anything up! I love the la senza set but I always find that their pjs shrink! which is okay for bed but not walking about! I have a different coastal scents palette but bought the 88 palette on ebay (twice 1 for me and 1 for a friend) its much cheaper, I didn't have to pay customs and it was packaged really well from HongKong!
    Checking out benefits website now!! x

  2. Lovely list! How cute are those pj's. <3 nautical xo

  3. Really like the pjs, the skirt and the studs <3

  4. I love your want list! I want the CS 88 palette too, there's just so many colours you could do so much with them! Those pj's are very cute too

  5. Love the pjs :D and the earings!

  6. @Pyxiee - So all of the shadows were in good condition?? Great... thanks for letting me know about ebay! xoxo

  7. I love your list, update us if you pick anything up :)

  8. I think i need to get the CC88 palette aswell, it has every colour you could imagine!

    I always look at that foundation, but never know wether to buy it or not as im quite happy with my colourstay tbh


  9. @Abbie - I know how you feel about colorstay. And as double wear is pricey, I'm kinda saced of it becoming a HG product! Lol xoxo

  10. i need a coastal scents pallete asap, they look so pretty and lovely blog! :D x

  11. You should def get the PJs and the Coastal Scents palette! So many bloggers/youtubers use that palette!!
    Im lusting after the MAC MSF natural!! Ive wanted this for AGES. But then something pops up like a friends bday or something, and I have to spend my money on something else:(

  12. yep no damaged when it was shipped =) x


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