Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Complete random haul

Morning dolls!
I hate the word 'haul' but everyone knows it and everyone says it and it just feels like the right word to use - get me? Lol. Well yes, I know I'm not supposed to be hauling but I was running out of Revlon Colorstay so the plan was to nip to town last night, grab some colorstay and come straight back home. For some reason, in my head this translated to 'go to town, go and get your colorstay then browse shops and buy stuff you don't actually need' I have a problem!!

So my first stop was indeed, Superdrug for my holy grail foundation...
Combination/oily in Sand Beige
I can't recommend this foundation highly enough! This is my 3rd, yes... 3rd bottle! I think it's because I still haven't quite mastered how to pour out just the right ammount. I always get too much and have to wipe it away with a tissue - someone make Revlon a pump I beg of you!

At the moment in Superdrug they have a 3 for 2 offer on Rimmel so, of course I had to get some more goodies!
One of my new favourite mascaras... Rimmels max volume flash and one of my favourite powders also, Stay Matte. Then I saw this 'clear complexion' powder that I hadn't seen before and this is what is says on the packaging 'Clarifies skin thanks to PureSkin complex known to minimize skin breakouts. Controls shine and mattifies skin' this sounds like the perfect powder for me! We'll see how it goes...

Then I popped in to WH Smiths...
I neede some more supplies for college I picked yup the cheapest eraser, I think it was 79p. Then I got a see through, purple plastic pencil case and at the moment my pens just fly around freely in my bag!! This was £1.50 - for a bit of plastic and a zip... I mean come on! Lol.

At the beginning of 2010 I forgot to pick up a Diary... and I've been lost without one. I'm always writing stuff in them and if I don't... I simply just forget! So got this simple, pretty, pink one. I prefer ones like this instead of the small tiny things because there's so much more room to write! This was £7.49.

A trip to town isn't complete without a bit of Primark...
pack of 4 heart charm bracelets - £1.50

gold bangle - £1.50

pack of 3 embossed bangles - £2

bow stud earrings - £2

vintage look cocktail ring - £2

Then, for some reason I was browsing the home 'section' and found these...
4 glass tealight holders - £1.25
16 vanilla scented tealights - £1.75
They smell just how you imagine vanilla to smell, I haven't burned any yet though so I don't know if they'll make the room smell - probably won't... not many do, lol. But I thought these were SUPER cheap and they just add a little bit of something to windowsills/shelves/bathrooms etc :)

So yup, that's my 'haul'. Enjoy your day girls!


  1. I love the 'haul'. I'm with u on that word, I use it because everyone does and know what it means, but before blogging I hadn't even heard let alone used the word.
    Love the primark stuff
    Steph x

  2. great buys :) Love primark & I really want to try revlon colorstay! XO

  3. I use the translucent clear complexion...it doesnt really have anycolour i just use it to set my foundation...although sometimes i feel i have to reappply it midday

    & does nothing for my complexion...but maybe thats if you wear it alone....

    tell me how you get on :)


  4. I so want to try the clear complexion powder! hasnt come out in Aus yet, not that I know of anyways!
    do a review if you can :D

    I hate the word "haul" aswell, but after using it so often since starting blogger, Im used to it! sounds so natural! lol i just realised what a dumb word it is since you posted this haha x

  5. great haul love the primark goodies x

  6. Sounds like one of my shopping trips. Just go to get one thing and end up coming home with more than what I wanted!

    Those bow earring are very cute, making me want to go to Primark to try to find them

  7. Grate "haul" i did the same as you the other day, went to go into town for some wipes and brought so much more, even though i'm ment to be on a spending ban!! I have the bangles from primark they are just so cute worn them loads!! :P xXx

  8. I love drugstore hauls. Colorstay is my favourite foundation too! I just wish it had a pump. I pour a little blob on the lid and then dip my brush in to it. I don't find that much in primark clothes wise but absolutely love their jewellery - its so cheap but so pretty!
    I also bought a primark candle and as soon as I got out the shop I handed the bag to my bf and he bloody dropped it and is smashed every where! Thank god it was only £3! xx

  9. @Steph - I'd never heard of it before blogging either! Now I say it and people are like... what? Lol!

    @Hannah - I really recommend it! Let me know if you end up getting it!

    @Laura Jaye - Ah thanks for the heads up! I won't get my hopes up :)

    @Lorien - Yeah sure, I'll do a review once I've used it for a little while.

    @Juicygirl - Good old primark ey ;)

    @Kelly - That's always the way it goes, shopping is just so addictive!!

    @Pyxiee - I agree, I can never really find clothes I like in 'primarni' but I can always rely on their jewelery!



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