Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy V-day!

Hello girlies!
First off, happy valentine's to everyone, even the singles out there! As it's Valentine's day I thought I'd do a V-day themed post. So I'm gonna let you into a little... well, big part of my life and talk about how I met my other half :) This could be a picture heavy post lol, so I'm sorry :)

So here is me and my loverboy :) Dean. We've been together since the 15th November 2008 - about a year and 3 months.

I actually met Dean through an ex-boyfriend (who was also called Dean, lol!). So I was going out with his best friend at the time when we were introduced. I instantly felt attracted to him... which is wrong I know :( So I broke up with my boyfriend because I'm no cheat and because the relationship wasn't working at stuff blah blah.

I kept in touch with my ex-boyfriend but never got to know Dean. 2 years later I had a friend request on Facebook - guess who? Dean!! Aaah, so instantly my heart started racing (cheesey I know) and us two got talking. We spent the next couple of weeks texting and calling each other non stop! He told me that that first time we met he also liked me, but obviously I was with his best friend so he didn't take it any further. We decided to meet up (we went to see Casino Royale at the cinema) and he whispered in my ear in the middle of the film 'will you be my girlfriend' and that's how it happened!!

We've had our fair share of ups and downs but right now everything is perfect. You know when they're The One and he certainly is! :) Now a dive into some of our pictures. Lol, I always make him pose for pictures and he hates it, ah well!
Taken on the beach at summer, which I plan on spending plenty more time on this summer!

This is a stupid hat he bought to 'keep him warm when he goes fishing'. Has he used it? Not once!

In the snow we got last Feburary.

A few snaps from our holiday in Greece, he'd kill me for putting those two last ones on! Ha!

Immature? Just a tad. Lol.

Aw! (L)

Right so I'll stop boring you all now. I hope everyone has a great Valentine's day. I love you all :D


  1. Happy Valentines :) This was so sweet!! xoxo

  2. aww you two are a gorgeous couple (:, i hope you have a good day!X

  3. you two are so adorable! happy valentines day! x

  4. Aww you two make a lovely couple. Happy Valentines day x

  5. awww you's two look gorgeous 2geva :D sucha sweet post!

  6. you both look so happy! happy valentines day :D xxx

  7. ADORABLE! youre so lucky :) so happy for you both!!!

    love the pic with his hand "grazing" your boob lol xx

  8. Ewwww keep it in the bedroom, your bf looks psychotic !!!! 'wacky backy much ??? LOLLLLLL

  9. @Anonymous - yeah he's not great at posing, lol. it's nice how your anonymous though :) xoxo


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